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  • Michael B. - I give this product 5 starts, But....

    This is the 2nd time I've used this cleanse and I loved the results the first time. I was surprised that (for me) I never really felt all that hungry during the 10 days. By the 5th day, I said to myself, "Why am I not feeling hungry?!" Don't get me wrong, there were times of just a hint of feeling hungry but nothing that wasn't controllable. The first time I bought the "cleanse kit" from an actual distributor....

  • MAPNJ - Love my Jetta!

    I bought my 2016 Jetta TSI in May and I love it. Great gas mileage (avg about 37), huge trunk and great handling. Very comfortable for long drives. I've recommended it to many people and always will. Love my Jetta.

  • Zhiv - You would think that Intel will pair up with a more worthy partner

    I have been using McAfee since I got my first PC. For the first decade or more I felt confident it protected me from trouble. But in the last decade I have noticed a significant decline in quality of protection. I just got the most recent 2014 Total Protection. But even if it found an Artemis virus on my Dell it obviously cannot get rid of it... Worse yet, after detecting the virus and telling me they do not have a cure, they are offering additional services such as cloud back up (at a price), asif wanting to take advantage of my virus problem... Ludicrous!

  • happy gardener - Five Stars

    I am enjoying learning the vocabulary. Am looking forward to being able to converse with my Spanish friends.

  • Rick Kattreh - What a horrible device. 5 test strips later and still not ...

    What a horrible device. 5 test strips later and still not a reading. I have the app and the device. First time out of the box and many hoops to jump through I was able to get a reading. Next morning the only thing this device could do was show the round swirly thing. Tried everything to try and get a reading. 5 test strips later and a lot of frustration, rechecked the instructions. Nothing on problems with a meter not taking input. However if you want to learn how to put a plastic sanitary bag over your phone there's an entire page dedicated to that. Absolutely unbelievable. Stay away from this device.