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  • Ashley Hull - LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I absolutely LOVE this product. It is sturdy and small enough to manage. It works well too. I had previous Lazer hair removal but was not completely done with all treatments. This is easy to use and in the privacy of my own home. The treatment area is bigger than the other similar products that I have looked at. I definitely recommend this product. It works and I can see the thinning of hair in the treated areas after a month of use.

  • EKML - my husband now quotes Sylvia Plath on a regular basis

    Being a woman, I bought these pens for myself - I would not want to write with a man's pen, so I have not been writing much since being born 35 years ago. After writing down a few recipes and a fifty-two page hommage to my husband, I found that the Cristal pen made me a lot more feminine, submissive, unassuming and prone to cooking barefoot in the nude. The pen also gave me a fuller chest and somehow managed to cinch all my dresses into hourglass shapes. My husband was delighted that I had finally become the perfect woman. He wanted me to write the pen a five-star review but reviewing things online is a thing only men should do, like voting.

  • uebergeek - Makes me seem productive! (Don't tell my boss!)

    As a woman who doesn't leave work early to cook dinner, I struggled to prove to my employer that I'm worth the full 72% of a man's pay. How could I, working 16-hour shifts, ever be seen as pulling my weight, when other women were heading home to do their domestic duty?

  • CathyF - Geat filler

    I really like this. It really does a great job of filling in my thinning hair. Especially in between colors when my grey hair is coming in and my hair really shows it's thinness. This helps fill in the empty spots

  • Amazon Customer - Compact and Fun Toy

    The kids LOVE this blaster. It's compact and easy to use (even for a 4 year old though she initially she had a bit of trouble yanking the orange thing down). The darts shoot really far and high up, and they don't hurt if they hit you. Because they shoot so far though, buy the big pack of refill darts as these go missing pretty quickly and then show up in random places.

  • Alex N - Great grinder, portable, suction cup bottom, and hand cranked

    The meat grinder is about the size of my small blender, the magic bullet, just a little bit wider. It fits very nicely on my counters tops and doesn't take up too much space. Although, after I am done using it, I do make sure to put it away underneath the kitchen sink. I own another meat grinder, which is much larger and I have used it for years. And from the very beginning it felt strange to use. It was large and clunky and felt like it belonged in a meat owners shop. It was electric and plugged into a wall. This one however is the perfect size for my family to use. It is completely hand cranked and there is no electricity or wiring involved at all. The meat grinder is made of a hard plastic, with stainless steel for the grinder piece for the meat to go through. It also suctions onto the counter very well, with a strong grip that only releases when the knob is turned. Honestly nothing bad to say about it. I have ground, meat for burgers, meatballs, and even vegetables as well for some homemade salsa. I do recommend giving this a thorough washing before, because some of the flavoring of my garlic went through with the meat, which wasn't a bad thing, but something to be aware of. It also important to trim off the fat on meat or else it may get stuck inside the grinder. I got the hand crank meat grinder for a discount for reviewing purpose, but came here to drop the honest truth.

  • D. Moorhead - Appears to be a dangerous product for your cat.

    At first, this collar seemed like a miracle product. I bought three of them for our three cats. Within a week or two, one of the cats developed severe lesions on her neck and began loosing her hair around the collar. I returned that collar for a refund. After a month, I noticed another cat was losing a lot of weight. We've been to the vet three times because of this. Finally, thinking I would temporarily remove the collar from him while we were fighting this weight loss, I noticed he had lost a large amount of hair on the bottom of his neck around the collar. It has since been too long to return this second collar. I think this collar is more dangerous to our cats than what we see at first glance. Careful consideration should be made before using the collar and then extensive monitoring of your cat for unexpected side effects.