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Sports Medicine Clinic | Sports Therapy Clinic | SEMI | Toronto - Doctors and physiotherapy experts at our sports medicine clinic ensure you recover safely from sports injuries, accidents, & more.

  • http://www.semisportmed.com/we-can-help.html Physical Therapy | Physiotherapy | Sports Medicine | SEMI | Toronto - Toronto sports medicine and physical therapy clinic SEMI helpspatients recover from sports injuries, car accidents, and more.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/services.html Physiotherapy | Physical Therapy | Physical Rehab | SEMI | Toronto - SEMI is a trusted Toronto sports medicine clinic that offersphysiotherapy, physical rehab, acupuncture, massage therapy and more.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/active-release-techniques.html Sports Medicine Clinic | Active Release Techniques | SEMI Toronto - Treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more with Active Release Techniques performed by SEMI’s certified ART providers.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/acupuncture.html Acupuncture | Acupuncturists Toronto | Sports Medicine | SEMI - SEMI clients trust our acupuncturists to diagnose and treat pain. Contact SEMI today to book an appointment with one of our acupuncturists.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/bracing-exercise-aids-home-products.html Exercise Aids | Knee Braces | Exercise Braces | SEMI Toronto - SEMI offers a full line of braces, exercise aids and various home products for a variety of conditions. Contact SEMI today to learn more about the offered products.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/electronic-medical-records.html Electronic Medical Records | EMR | Sports Medicine | SEMI Toronto - SEMI is fully digital. Our Electronic Medical Records make it easy to keep your own medical records, and share them with your family doctor
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/gunn-intramuscular-stimulation-gunn-ims.html Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation | Gunn IMS | SEMI Toronto - If you suffer from myofascial pain of neuropathic origin, contact SEMI to speak to a physician or physiotherapist about Gunn IMS treatments.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/kinesiotaping.html Kinesiotaping | Kinesiology | Sports Medicine | SEMI Toronto - If you’re struggling with muscle fatigue or pain during exercise, contact SEMI to learn how Kinesiotaping improves muscle function and manages pain.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/mobile-services.html Mobile Sports Medicine | Physiotherapists | SEMI Toronto - If you are unable to make it into a SEMI clinic we have physiotherapists and massage therapists that can come to you!
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/orthopaedic-consultation-surgery.html Orthopaedic Consultation | Orthopaedic Surgery | SEMI Toronto - Contact SEMI today to book a consultation with one of orthopaedic surgeons. SEMI’s surgeons specialize in a variety of problems related to bones, joints, muscles and tendons.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/platelet-rich-plasma-prp-injections.html Platelet Rich Plasma Injections | PRP Injections | SEMI Toronto - SEMI is offering PRP injections for chronic and acute injuries to help speed up the healing process. Contact SEMI to learn about this exciting new therapy.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/prolotherapy.html Prolotherapy | Proliferative Injection Therapy | SEMI | Toronto - Prolotherapy is a proven type of injection therapy known to reduce pain in joints and soft tissues. Learn more about prolotherapy and how it might help you.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/semi-osteoarthritis-clinic.html Osteoarthritis Clinic | Degenerative Joint Disease | SEMI | Toronto - Are you suffering from osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative joint diease)? SEMI’s specialized Osteoarthritis Clinic can help.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/shockwave-therapy.html Shockwave Therapy | Tendinitis | Tennis Elbow | SEMI | Toronto - Do you have tendinitis or tennis elbow? You may be a good candidate for shockwave therapy. Learn more from the experts at SEMI.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/sport-chiropractic-active-release-therapy.html Sport Chiropractic | Sports Chiropractor | SEMI | Toronto - Sports chiropractic is a highly specialized field treating sports and other activity?based injuries. Consult with a sport chiropractor at SEMI now.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/sport-massage-therapy.html Sports Massage | Registered Massage Therapists | SEMI | Toronto - Reduce discomfort with sports massage. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or another condition, SEMI’s registered massage therapists can help.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/sport-physiotherapy.html Sport Physiotherapy | Sport Physiotherapists | SEMI | Toronto - Suffering from an injury? SEMI’s sport physiotherapists can help speed up your recovery. Learn more about sport physiotherapy and how it can help you.
  • http://www.semisportmed.com/sport-podiatry.html Sport Podiatry | Sport Podiatrists | Orthotics | SEMI | Toronto - Podiatry is a class of medical doctors highly specialised in the human foot and orthotics. Connect with a sport podiatrist at SEMI today.
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  • http://www.semisportmed.com/stem-cell-transplantation.html Stem Cell Transplant | Platelet Rich Plasma Injection | SEMI | Toronto - Are you suffering from a condition like osteoarthritis? Stem cell transplants may help without surgery. Learn more from SEMI.
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    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Charles Edmondson - Adequate, but very frustrating

    Every year I hate this product, but it is almost half the cost of Turbotax for the same functionality, so I bite the bullet and use it.

  • Che Poltle - 5870 drivers will not load on Windows 8

    Thanks to all the other reviewers & their tips. I use this printer on a Windows 7 machine using USB001 port with FileMaker Pro - no issues. I have a newer model Toshiba laptop I use on remote locations that came with Windows 8 installed. The POS 5870 Drivers will not work with Windows 8. I contacted Toshiba Tech Support & confirmed that the driver will not load even in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Any insights would be helpful.

  • B. Nichols - Works well but leaves stubble, and isn't good for "down under."

    I bought this for some hair under my chin that popped up out of nowhere. I was really self conscious about it and felt like everyone could see it (they couldn't, it was just me obsessing). Still, I wanted the hair gone and plucking was too painful (plus there were just too many hairs). Waxing seemed painful and messy, and shaving would leave darker stubble that would be even more noticeable. So I spent the ten bucks on this and it did the job. The unsightly hairs are gone, but it did leave some stubble that's noticeably rough, at least to me. I will have to do this every day or I will soon have man stubble. Hmmmm. I'm hesitant to use this on my upper lip hair. I don't want my husband feeling rough stubble when we kiss. Still, it did remove the hairs easily, quickly, and pain free. PS, don't use this "down under" because that kind of hair is just too thick for this little thing. I tried and didn't get far at all. Don't bother.