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Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed offers convenient care across the region to benefit your business, with quality care to keep your employees healthy and on the job.

  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/why-choose-us Our Vision|Sanford OccMed - At Sanford OccMed, we provide exceptional occupational medicine services. We strive for your business’s optimal safety and health in the workplace.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/why-choose-us/medical-providers Medical Providers|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed providers provide comprehensive, convenient occupational medicine services to keep your workplace safe and healthy.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/why-choose-us/certification-and-membership Memberships|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed strives to keep your business a safe, healthy workplace. From injury prevention to increasing productivity, our healthcare experts can help.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/why-choose-us/customer-reviews Customer Reviews|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed strives for exceptional healthcare customer service for your business. Here is what people think about Sanford occupational medicine.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services Occupational Medicine Services|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed provides businesses with convenient occupational medicine services and healthcare programs across Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/work-related-injury-management Work Related Injury Management|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed offers injury management services that provide your employees with expert, timely treatment to keep them working while they recover safely.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/injury-prevention Injury Prevention|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed injury prevention services ensures optimal production and reduces work injuries. Our goal is for you to have healthy employees and a safe work environment.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/injury-prevention/fit-for-duty-program Fit for Duty Program|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed provides a fit for duty program designed to help prevent workplace injuries. Injury prevention ensures that employees can physically perform the job tasks.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/injury-prevention/ergonomics Ergonomics|Sanford OccMed - Ergonomics is an important aspect to ensure healthy employees and a safe work environment. Sanford OccMed strives to keep your business productivity optimal.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/drug-testing-program Drug and Alcohol Testing Program|Sanford OccMed - Sanford Occupational Medicine Clinics understand that drug abuse and alcoholism in the workplace negatively impacts your employee’s job safety and productivity.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/worksite-wellness Worksite Wellness|Sanford OccMed - Sanford Health occupational medicine provides personal health coaching services to teach wellness your employees and promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/industrial-hygiene Industrial Hygiene|Sanford OccMed - Sanford Occupational Medicine protects the health and safety of your employees, keeping your business operational.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/on-site-services On-Site-Services|Sanford OccMed - Our occupational medicine experts create a package of on-site services designed specifically for the health and wellness needs of your business and industry.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/on-site-services/wellu-program WellU Program|Sanford OccMed - Sanford Health occupational medicine trained professionals offer confidential health and employee safety related services to your business.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/on-site-services/mobile-hearing-services Mobile Hearing Services|Sanford OccMed - Sanford Health occupational medicine providers can identify noise induced hearing loss and suggest preventative measures.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/employment-physicals Employment Physicals & Screenings|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed medical providers help you hire the most suitable employee for each job in your business with physicals and surveillance services.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/employment-physicals/dot-exams DOT Exams|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed medical providers provide DOT exams, required by all commercial motor vehicle drivers in accordance with the latest FMCSA regulations.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/employment-physicals/employment-surveillance-exams Employment and Surveillance Exams|Sanford OccMed - Sanford occupational medicine provides job testing and surveillance exams tailored to a business, using comprehensive physicals designed for your business.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/employment-physicals/hearing-conservation Hearing Conservation|Sanford OccMed - Sanford occupational medicine helps to monitor and protect your employees from hearing loss while on the job.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/employment-physicals/respiratory-protection-program Respiratory Protection Program|Sanford OccMed - Sanford occupational medicine is OSHA compliant in our respiratory protection program.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/mobilemed mobileMED|Sanford OccMed - Sanford Health mobileMED delivers our occupational medicine providers and services as close to your business.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/our-services/sanford-occmed-24-7 Sanford OccMed 24/7 - Occupational medicine phone triage services are available to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Sanford OccMed. Call (888) 600-2378.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/locations Locations|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed's goal is to simplify the occupational healthcare process for your business. Our health experts in the Midwest are here for you.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/resources-education Resource & Education|Sanford OccMed - Sanford OccMed offers healthcare resources and occupational medicine education to keep your workforce occupational health at its best.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/news-events News & Events|Sanford OccMed - At Sanford OccMed, you can keep up with the latest healthcare news and events in occupational medicine.
  • http://www.sanfordoccmed.com/news-events/event-calendar Events Calendar - Sanford OccMed offers the events, classes and workshops to provide education and to keep your workforce healthy and at work.

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