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  • G. Luker - A front runner in a healthy digestive system

    I bought this because I have Candida and I heard the Gaps diet would eliminate it, (will see). Even if it doesn't help me eliminate my Candida it is a facinating book! I will never use regular salt anymore and many other tips such as why organic food is the way to go. She is a brilliant Scientist and her research is impectable!! a healthy stomach equals a healthy person!!!!!!!

  • Do-It-Yourself Danielle - My husband loves this!

    We reserved this back when they announced a release date. My husband did have some issues with the disc loading after a couple months, but the console was fixed or replaced (unsure which) very quickly and it works fine now. Buying the video camera is worth it- there's some mini games on it that my 2 yr old LOVES and the camera allows you to use the voice feature (my 2 yr old stands in front of it yelling "ON!" "OFF!" because he sees my husband doing that a lot). The voice feature is hit and miss... it tends to work, but you may occasionally have times where you're yelling at it and it's not listening. Fortunately, my 2 yr old doesn't speak well enough to turn it off on my husband yet while he's playing.