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  • Tiner73 - Best tasting Vanilla Protein..Hands Down!

    Love the taste of this protein! Mixes really well with water or cashew milk. Best tasting Vanilla protein I have ever had and I have tried a lot of them. Give this a shot if your looking for a great flavored protein!

  • golfman - good after engine cleaning

    After using simple green on my engine I used this. gives a nice coating and shine. I wouldn't lay it on too thick, I would do a couple of light coats after letting it dry. I was happy with the results.

  • B. Everly - Sent the wrong one, second order was correct

    My first order was the wrong antenna. My wife ordered me a second one from her account and I got the correct one. Nice looking, so much better than that long whip antenna. Not sure if it affected my reception as I do not listen to the radio.

  • Daria - TOXIC TO CATS

    When Googling this product as a favor to a friend, articles sprung up that Minoxidil is extremely toxic to cats. Even one drop or a cat laying on a pillow where someone who is using Rogaine has been can be fatal. So, though this may be an excellent product for results, buyer beware!

  • Amazon Customer - This is so compact and easy to use

    This is so compact and easy to use. I plugged it in the kitchen over night, didn't see any ant near it this morning. I like this product, I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • L. Hurley - pass on this version especially if you have investment accounts!

    Well, folks, we are now seeing what happens when there's no competition. There is a major bug - acknowledged by Intuit - that prevents Quicken from correctly handling transfers in/out of investment accounts - particularly tax deferred. You can't even delete the bad transactions once they get into your file. This has been going on for months, and may even date back to previous versions. (Intuit has a bad track record in this regard.) I found it when we moved our accounts to new broker and now my Quicken file is a real mess. I have too much history to start a new file so I have all sorts of "dummy" transactions to offset the errors.

  • Janet Schick - Lucy & Desi, still alive in our memories

    This was a wonderfully entertaining book. As a child in the fifties, I only knew the Lucy and Desi of the "I Love Lucy" shows. It was interesting to learn about their lives and careers before the show made them famous as the Ricardos. Once I started reading the book I didn't want to put it down. My only complaint is that there were no photos.