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Revolution Health & Wellness | Alternative Medicine Tulsa - Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic evaluates each patient using a holistic approach. We understand that every part of the human body works in harmony...

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    I planted these seeds the beginning of October a day before we were to get a big rain. I panicked...thought all the seeds would wash away....ran to Big Lots and got large pieces of plastic to cover. Well...I saved most of it and to my surprise the seeds actually started to germinate faster due to the plastic keeping the moisture in...a new finding for me. My lawn is the envy of the block. It is a lusious deep green lawn just as the packaging says...just hope it makes it through the winter. Others have asked me what did I use and wanted the name and everyone has commented on how good it looks and think I have a "GREEN THUMB".:)

  • Alan Hudson - Crystal Meth in Five Minutes

    My life has been hell since getting this book. Learning how to cook moonshine in a microwave has saved me thousands of dollars in booze. Problem is, her temperature specs were off and I went blind. The brail copy of this book costs twice as much, and since I lost my job, I can't afford it. I need a copy badly, as the only way I can make a living is using her Crystal Meth in five minutes recipe, but I can't remember it. I think the cat got into my last batch, he's very stiff and cold and never moves.

  • Evans - Just When I Wanted to Give Up I Found Relief Here

    Absolutely nothing seemed to help me get any relief from horrific night sweats and I was blasting my partner out of our bed with three fans all night long. Before they became more committed to the couch I knew a change was going to have to happen somewhere. My doctor suggested a hormone test and sure enough, I was low on estrogen. Within a month I was really noticing the difference, and I found myself not drenched beyond belief every night. Now, it did take some time to see much change, and week 3 seemed to be the big turning point for me results-wise. So, stick with it at least a month before you give up.

  • Aaron Malone - nice gloves

    Needed gloves for protection and sweat and these fit the bill good enough. Not too fancy but works good. Seems to fit a bit small but does stretch a little after a couple rides.

  • Mark J. Wagner - Save yourself time and headaches and find a backup solution that actually works!

    Save yourself some time and find another backup solution. This product has several major flaws. First, if you have relatively new hardware its boot disk creation utility is very poor. You MAY be able to create a boot disk that works but you will have to manually find and add the right drivers. Other solutions, like Macrium Reflect automate the entire boot disk creation process. Second, it has no log viewer built in if you run into any issues with your backups. Third, there is no way to delete old or unwanted backup sets from within the program. Fourth, some of the features and functions simply don't work. Honestly I have no idea how/why this product gets any positive reviews.