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  • Bobby - Do not fall for this product

    I have a 87 y/o Father and a 82 y/o Mother and I invested on their behalf hoping this item would one day kick in and do what it was supposed to, but all I got was taken. I am asking the company for help in providing me with a refund for something not working and what I got was no one wanting to take accountability or provide me with a solution so I feel it is only fair to share my story.

  • Amazon Customer - ... for the past 3 weeks and it has been great! It has smoothed out the fine lines and ...

    I have been using this cream for the past 3 weeks and it has been great! It has smoothed out the fine lines and has improved my skin tone. I would recommend giving it a try!!

  • W., Katie - Not for Lactose Intolerant

    I thought this was a soy based product. Which, I guess it is but it has more whey products than soy. The ingredients are deceiving. It also has an ingredient that slows down digestion, which makes it all the more painful. Again my own fault for not looking at the ingredient list and taking a friends (who is a rep) word for it. I've been mixing them with fruit, peanut butter, mint, oats, coconut milk, almond milk, or rice milk. Vanilla or chocolate taste best. They taste delicious but my stomach is horribly angry. I was going to try to finish out the month but I'm pretty miserable after a week. You will need to eat a small snack between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. For me it depends on what I eat for dinner if I will need a snack the next day or not. Something small like a few crackers or a piece of fruit should do. I'm very glad I decided to buy them on Amazon than from ViSalus. It was around $20 cheaper and free shipping! I'm sure for the correct person these would work great. That is why I did not give the item a bad rating. I also believe there are more healthier products out there.

  • Jesse Smith - Hard to beat for its price

    This charges my Nexus 5X phone quickly (which indicates it is 'Charging Rapidly'). It takes roughly the same time to charge as the charger that the phone came with, though I haven't timed it with a watch. It does feel quite light and gets warm to the touch after a few moments when charging my phone which makes it seem a little underdesigned without the thermal management to make it last indefinitely, but it is a relatively inexpensive charger.

  • Realtor - Works good and smells great!

    This was in our condo at the resort. The second day I shampooed and conditioned my hair, I noticed it felt very silky. I couldn't wait to get home to order it. I've just noticed my hair has a tendency to be straight and doesn't hold curls as long after using the curling iron.

  • shoppingismymiddlename - The only one that kept me from getting one is finding a good quality one at a good price

    I've been wanting one of these for the last two years!!!! The only one that kept me from getting one is finding a good quality one at a good price. I have a 3200 sq ft 2 story and this does the trick at the right angle. It's beautiful and vibrant. I wish it had all white lights though, but I bought it knowing it didn't so..... I'll just be here. Waiting for the holidays to come!!!! So excited, we're too lazy to hang lights so this solves our problem!!!