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Respiratory Xchange | - COPD in clinical practice: from diagnosis to optimal bronchodilation, appropriate use of ICS and pulmonary rehabilitation

  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd Managing COPD | Respiratory Xchange - COPD treatment: GOLD strategy on when to use bronchodilators (i.e. beta 2 agonists and antimuscarinics) and ICS. The impact of inhaler device
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/diagnosis Diagnosis | Respiratory Xchange - Recognise the signs and symptoms of COPD: use clinical history and FEV/FVC, measured by spirometry and pulmonary function tests, to diagnose COPD early
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/treatment-approaches Treatment Approaches | Respiratory Xchange - COPD treatment: GOLD recommendations and the role of LAMA, LABA and ICS in the treatment of COPD
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/treatment-approaches/early-loss-of-lung-function Early loss of lung function | Respiratory Xchange - Early loss of lung function, FEV decline, breathlessness, inactivity, reduced quality of life and how to optimise remaining lung function
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/patient-management Patient management | Respiratory Xchange - Patient management: the role of healthy lifestyle choices, such as pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation and diet
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/optimising-bronchodilation-early-understanding-data Optimising bronchodilation early: understanding the data | Respiratory Xchange - Learn more about the key data on early loss of lung function and how to optimise bronchodilation in your patients. View this presentation of key data to learn more about: • Early loss of lung function and implications for patients • Key considerations in the diagnosis and initial treatment of patients with COPD • Preventing lung function decline through optimised bronchodilation
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/developments-in-copd Developments in COPD | Respiratory Xchange - The latest news and hot topics in COPD: expert commentary from international congresses, such as ATS and ERS
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/developments-in-copd/ers-2016 ERS 2016 | Respiratory Xchange - The European Respiratory Society (ERS) congress 2016, held in London, saw leading experts in respiratory medicine gat
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/developments-in-copd/ats-2016 ATS 2016 | Respiratory Xchange - Highlights from the ATS congress 2016 – discover the latest thinking in COPD
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/developments-in-copd/2015-highlights Highlights from 2015 | Respiratory Xchange - COPD experts discuss eCigarettes, pulmonary rehabilitation and a range of other hot topics from the ATS and ERS congresses held in 2015
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/developments-in-copd/ers-2016/ers-2016-congress-newsflash ERS 2016 Congress Newsflash | Respiratory Xchange - Direct from London, Dr Richard Russell summarises the COPD highlights presented at the 2016 European Respiratory Society Congress.
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/developments-in-copd/ers-2016/ers-2016-copd-congress-report ERS 2016 COPD Congress Report | Respiratory Xchange - The ERS 2016 Congress Report highlights new scientific data and insights in COPD prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient care presented in London.
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/educational-courses/copd-in-10-mins COPD in 10 minutes | Respiratory Xchange - COPD diagnosis, treatment (i.e. LAMA, LABA and ICS) and management (i.e. pulmonary rehabilitation and smoking cessation) explained in 10-minute, bite-sized tutorials
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/patient-management/helping-patients-quit-smoking-brief-interventions-for-healthcare Helping patients quit smoking: brief interventions for healthcare professionals | Respiratory Xchange - Practical guide from IPCRG to promote physician and patient discussions of smoking behaviour and smoking cessation. Assess patients’ smoking status and intent for smoking cessation using a simple flowchart. Encourage patients to give up smoking using practical tips. Prevent relapse in patients who have previously quit smoking. Learn simple techniques to help prevent COPD through smoking cessation. Understand how to support your patient and equip them with the tools to stop smoking.
  • https://www.respiratoryxchange.com/managing-copd/why-treat-copd-early-patients-perspective Why treat COPD early? A patient’s perspective | Respiratory Xchange - Watch this short animation to familiarise yourself with the key considerations in the diagnosis and initial treatment of a patient with COPD.

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