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Renova - San Lorenzo y Timbués - Renova posee plantas de biodiesel y glicerina en San Lorenzo y molienda de soja en Timbúes.

Country:, North America, US

City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • Mary Adams - works better than an exterminator

    We were living in Virginia in an apartment. We were getting roaches from another apartment and tried everything. An exterminator came and made no difference. We set out traps and were catching 5 or six roaches a night. Finally my mother-in-law from Texas told me that they use a spray called Bengal and that it works miricles. I had to order it online because they only sell it in the south (it's made in Louisiana). I ordered 2 cans. We sprayed the heck out of our whole kitchen. The roaches stopped coming in from under our sink. A few weeks later we sprayed again to take care of any eggs that may have hatched. This stuff has completely stopped the problem. We spray now every couple of months and I will forever swear by this stuff. Roaches are a hard problem to get rid of but this stuff does the job! I would give it more than five stars if i could.

  • H. Patterson - Best glue ever! Forget the gorilla or e6000 this rocks!

    I love this glue and use it for all sorts of different applications. Leather, glass, metal, fabric, wood! It sticks and the best way you can use it is to let it sit for a couple of minutes before pressing together then it needs to cure over night or a few hours and it is amazingly stuck! Clear and easy to clean up. I love this adhesive!

  • Zalmorion the Fantastic - The Avengers: Ancient Greek Edition

    Incredible action, fabulous acting, and an interesting take on the character of Hercules are tainted by bad writing, which produces this year's biggest mediocrity worth watching. Corny dialogue and infuriatingly stupid Braveheart speeches. Armies that follow whoever is leading them like poor A.I. in a video game. Unexplained and unlikely visions of centaurs. Stuff like that interjects itself as soon as you you get comfortable with the film. But these annoyances cannot ruin the host of fun action scenes, funny interactions between the heroes, and reasonable plot twists.

  • Amazon User - worst sensitivity in my teeth

    I used this product three times. First time I used this strips it was okey. The second time was a disaster. I felt acute pain in my teeth soon after I removed the strips from my teeth. I didn't know right away that the Crest strips were the culprit and was blaming the citrus flavor mouthwash that I used in the morning. I didn't use the strips for a couple of days. By this time I didn't feel good about using these strips in my teeth. Two days later I used the strips on my teeth again. This time soon after I removed the strips from my teeth I got the most severe pain in my teeth. I took four painkillers and still the pain didn't subside. I couldn't sleep properly due to the acute sensitivity in my teeth. Fortunately it was the Saturday night and I could sleep the next day.

  • Dawn & James - Head Turners!

    I fell in love with these glasses the minute I saw them. I get a ton of compliments from people as well. Well worth the buy. I received these glasses promptly, in great shape without any issues. They are so comfortable to wear, although they are more delicate then other glasses I have worn possible because I have never bought a decent pair of glasses in the past. Love, love them!