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  • mia younger - Bomb baby

    This book was everything I loved it from beginning to end. I can't wait for part 2. P.S. I should kick your ass for how you ended part 1 lmao.

  • R. Davis - Works where other kits failed

    My son's 2008 Maxima had headlights with BAD sun damage. These are especially difficult to restore because there are some deep contours in the lens. We worked them over with another brand kit and, although they looked a lot better, they were still pretty cloudy. And, the worst areas were still yellowed and grungy.

  • E3171 - Give it a chance...It works...

    I started using the liquid 5% Rogaine when I was 18 years ago when I began to experience thinning in my crown area and slight recession in vertex areas. I've also used Propecia/finasteride for the past 17 years. My crown filled in within four months of starting Rogaine liquid, my vertex mostly filled in within 6 months, my hair regained nearly all of it's pre-thinning thickness around 1 year after starting the Propecia and today I still have most of my hair (I'm between a Norwood I and Norwood II). I have slight recession in my temples and have been able to maintain most of my widow's peak. I prefer the foam to the liquid. It is MUCH less irritating to my scalp (although I understand experiences will vary among users), and right now I prefer the brand name Rogaine because it seems to retain more of it's foam consistency when applied, compared to generic minoxidil (store brand) foam. The brand name Rogaine foam seems to also be even less irritating to my scalp than the generic minoxidil foam.

  • Book Buyer - Markets itself as anti-virus while it pushes through annoying banner ads onto your computer

    Imagine my surprise when a piece of software that was supposed to eliminate pop-up advertisements on your computer actually started functioning as malware! There were dozens of times when on bootup Bitdefender pushed through ads onto my desktop. When I complained on their web forum about the issue, I received an email telling me that my account would no longer receive the ads. But lo and behold, they continued! I let me subscription expire, and am now using Eset nod32 antivirus. It is *so* much better.

  • gerald jackl - Just as advertised!

    Only issue was the box was in very poor condition on arrival, but after initial inspection it looked good and all parts were accounted for.

  • P.J. - So easy to use,,,,gorgeous results

    This is kinda like the old hot oil treatments for your hair. But this is from Pura D'or, so I know immediately it's a great product. I love all their products. This is so easy to use.... This comes with 8 treatments (cap included). You just wet your hair, apply the cream, put the cap on and leave it on at least 5 minutes. I did this tonite and put on the cap and went and cooked supper. I jumped in the shower and rinsed it off after about 30 minutes. My hair feels amazing. I love this brand and I know I will be using more of this product. It says to use this about once a week, so I have at least 2 months worth of treatments in here. I can't wait to see how my hair performs the rest of the week. I couldn't wait to try this. I love the products. Everything I have ever tried from Pura D'Or is amazing. Love it.

  • SRahmahM - Totally Satisfied!

    Organo Gold Black Coffee doesn't cost any more than a great cup of coffee from 'you know where." SMILE. I drink my coffee black; so, I really know when it's not GOOD coffee. This is a great black coffee! Try it...