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Regional Medical Center in Manchester Iowa - Regional Medical Center has provided excellence in healthcare, in Manchester Iowa and the surrounding area, in our hospitals and clinics, since 1950.

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City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • John B. Martin - Excellent product, great deal!

    It's everything they said it was. Because my previous 3/4 hp insinkerator lasted 12 years and because I could basically just twist the old one off and put this new one on, I bought it. What an Upgrade! The new one is vibration free and extremely more quiet. This one has the discharge drain connected with a rubber coupling instead of a rigid, threaded PVC connection. Plus, the new rubber drain baffle keeps a layer of water above it, which prevents the internal noise from escaping. So now when I use my disposal, the entire sink and island its in doesn't shake the house and it doesn't sound like it's powered by a hemi-engine. It took me an hour to disconnect the old and install the new. The instructions were clear so there were no unpleasant surprises, if you don't count when I ignored their direction to have a pan under the old disposal and dumped water out of it onto my tools.

  • Gil L - High quality and accurate weather meter.

    I needed....ok, really wanted a way to see how hard the wind is really blowing so I could know if it was safe to fly my Phantom 4 drone. Plus, hey, I am also interested in weather overall. I wanted a high quality, reliable and accurate wind gauge and figured I'd go up to say, $50 or so to get a good one.

  • Brandy - My baby does great on the regular Mommgs bliss probiotics

    My baby does great on the regular Mommgs bliss probiotics, thinking this would make him do ever better we tried it. Man was that a mistake he has miserable stomach pains the 2 days he took these :( We went back to the regular ones after taking two days off and he's doing fine again.

  • Daniel E. Garrett - Poor quality blender

    I bought this blender and paid the price as I felt you get what you pay for. Boy was I wrong! Within four months the drive system stripped out making it useless. My old blender that I paid about $30 bucks for lasted for years. I looked at Amazons return policy and it was a bit to late to return. I looked at Ninjas warranty and I could not just return the motor. They wanted everything included in the box. I felt like after I paid to have it shipped back to who knows where, it would cost a fortune in shipping. Besides, I thought the new part would soon fail too! I will chalk that one up to experience. No more plastic drives for me!