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  • Helena Farnham - Lasted less than a month

    I was attracted to these earphones initially because of the price but they are not worth the money. I used them about 4-5 times a week while working out. About the 3rd week the Bluetooth connection started being very intermittent. Upon charging they won't turn on at all anymore. Not worth the time or money on these.

  • leanne shakespeare - Fantastic!

    This is Green and Melanie's story, and what a story it is. Mandy M Roth definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat from page one. As for your emotions, well..... they are gonna be up and down. Ms Mandy M Roth has certainly gone all put with this extended edition.

  • matuck - Great bag. I carry 2 17 inch laptops in ...

    Great bag. I carry 2 17 inch laptops in it and a hybrid 10 inch tablet and still have room to carry plenty of other stuff.

  • Parisjoy - Fastest shipping ever!!

    Truthfully, chlorine is chlorine, I shop for the best buy available. This, In The Swim. offered on Amazon was a great buy, and the shipping was lighting fast. Buying it here on Amazon was less expensive than In The Swim's own web site, and there was no handling charge.

  • Mark of JC - Really sharpened my game

    The Ultimate Job Search Guide series is an exhaustive collection of carefully researched tips, tricks, advice, and real world job hunting tactics. Please buy the most current version of the book as job search trends will change from year to year. You deserve the best advice available.

  • Hans - Wait for something better to come along

    What were they thinking? The thing clogs after a few cups. Their customer service advises turning it over and reaming out the water nozzle with a bent paper clip. What a joke. Forced to use K-cup from their approved venders, we figured out how to get around that with a bit of improvisation. Avoiding the clogged needle necessitated removing the bottom of a K-cup, washing out all the coffee, and running through a cup of water before and after each cup of coffee. The previous model was great, this one is a testament to poor design and rampant corporate greed.