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  • M. Hill - Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic ...

    I can only assume this stuff works because I've used it ocassionally over the past 15 years and after recently digging up my septic tank, I was very surprised to see that all was well. Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic tank drained. Thank you !

  • 4Libby - Amazing shine ;)

    I first received a sample of this blush. I loved it right away! I'm so happy I can get it through Amazon... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  • Ellen Hightower - unsure of product

    Unlike the testimonials posted, I was unable to notice a difference in my body. The dosage recommendation of 6 pills per day in not affordable.

  • María R de Plata - Great accesory with different uses.

    Bought it as a Baby Shower gift for my daughter, it is very light and will be used shortly after baby's arrival next november. Thank you

  • Ann Zeiler - and it looked great. It held up nice all fall

    Watched the video twice. Did everything according to directions. I washed our wheelchair accessible ramp with restore cleaner, let dry for a couple days, and applied two coats of this product. It was late September 2013 when it was applied, and it looked great. It held up nice all fall, but in February/March 2014 we noticed that it was starting to lift up off the ramp boards and sticking to the tires on my sons wheel chair being tracked into our home. It is now a wholly mess. It's all coming up, even off the railings. I would never recommend this product to anyone. Over two hundred dollars invested, and three days of my vacation. This stuff is highly over rated.

  • petrillo5 - Satisfied for now

    I thought that this phone would be better than my last one (Kyocera edge) but it's running out of space already and I bought a sd card hoping to be able to transfer apps to the card, however I found out thid is not possible (as much as I have researched) bottom line, I like the phone but it's not the greatest. It works for me right now.