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Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - La Quincena Musical de San Sebastián es un festival de música clásica que nació en 1939 en la ciudad vasca de San Sebastián, España.

  • http://www.quincenamusical.eus/detalle-noticia/e/la-quincena-musical-cierra-su-77-edicion-con-7-llenos-absolutos-y-un-95-de-ocupacion-del-auditori/ La Quincena Musical cierra su 77 edición con 7 llenos absolutos y un 95% de ocupación del Auditorio Kursaal  | Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - De un total de 10 conciertos, se han registrado 7 llenos absolutos en el Auditorio Kursaal. La media de ocupación de los tres conciertos que no han...
  • http://www.quincenamusical.eus/detalle-noticia/e/la-ose-y-la-bos-se-reunen-por-primera-vez-en-quincena-para-ofrecernos-un-monumental-te-deum/ La OSE y la BOS se reúnen por primera vez en Quincena para ofrecernos un monumental “Te Deum” | Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - El primer y último encuentro entre las dos orquestas se produjo en octubre de 1997, con motivo de la inauguración del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao.439...
  • http://www.quincenamusical.eus/detalle-noticia/e/la-casa-flotante-espectaculo-que-combina-narracion-titeres-teatro-gestual-y-proyecciones/ “La Casa Flotante” -espectáculo que combina narración, títeres, teatro gestual y proyecciones- centrará, mañana, la Jornada Infantil | Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - El Teatro Victoria Eugenia acogerá este espectáculo a partir de las 19:00Este año, como novedad, las actividades infantiles se prolongarán a la...
  • http://www.quincenamusical.eus/detalle-noticia/e/las-obras-de-beethoven-adquieren-una-especial-presencia-este-fin-de-semana-en-la-doble-cita-que-of/ Las obras de Beethoven adquieren una especial presencia, este fin de semana, en la doble cita que ofrecerá la Orquesta Sinfónica de la Radio de Frankfurt en el Auditorio Kursaal | Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - El maestro belga Philippe Herreweghe, uno de los principales representantes del movimiento historicista en la interpretación musical, se pondrá al...
  • http://www.quincenamusical.eus/detalle-noticia/e/ara-malikian-regresa-a-arantzazu-para-presentar-15-su-nuevo-espectaculo/ Ara Malikian regresa a Arantzazu para presentar “15”, su nuevo espectáculo | Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - El objetivo principal de este concierto es el de acercar la música clásica a todos los públicos, con un repertorio compuestas tanto por obras...
  • http://www.quincenamusical.eus/detalle-noticia/e/la-formacion-balthasar-neumann-actuara-por-primera-vez-ante-el-publico-de-la-quincena-musical-a/ La formación Balthasar-Neumann actuará por primera vez ante el público de la Quincena Musical, a la que acude con sus dos agrupaciones: el coro y el ensemble | Quincena Musical de San Sebastián - El director de orquesta alemán Thomas Hengelbrock se pondrá al frente de la formación para ofrecer un programa compuesto por dos grandes obras: la...

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  • toya howard - great set!

    the pictures are kind of misleading. my fault for not reading. I assumed it came with a lab coat too. but it doesnt. all in all a great set. a lot of the pieces light up or make noise. I bought 2 more after I recieved the first 1 for christmas presents. My little one loves it. my mother has a lot of medical issues so he's grown up around medical supplies and he always wants to help doctor nana but he can't. I have looked all over for a dr set in stores and could never find one. So happy to have gotten this one!

  • lawrence white - But this is the best i have ever purchased

    first time buying pool chems online. But this is the best i have ever purchased, Each tablet is wrapped individually so even if you leave out in the sun no fear opening up the container and getting chlorine gas! Thumbs up on this product

  • Wanderer - Works If You Let It

    I have been applying this daily to my toe nails using a cotton swab and after 2 1/2 months it has dramatically improved! I have battling a bad case of toe nail fungus for nearly two years and made no headway using different recommended soaks involving bleach, lemons, vinegar and garlic. I tried 4 different OTC remedies - one I think made the fungus more aggressive. I used a topical prescription recommended by my Dr for over a year with no relief. Read a post from another Dr suggesting tea tree oil, which I had never heard of, and figured I had no where to go but up. The two worst toes are now about 85% resolved and the others are all in good shape. I live in the Deep South, golf 4-5 times a week and my feet sweat constantly, not a a good situation re fungus. I am continuing to use the tea tree oil daily and plan to going forward as an easy, inexpensive preventative .

  • Kindle Customer - Love it!

    Bought this for my husband who has a sever gluten allergy which makes it difficult for him to absorb nutrients. This product made him feel great! It gave him energy and made the ache in his joints go away. We have also seen less probroblems with the auto-immune issues that his gluten allergy gives him. Over all we give this product 5 stars! He is on his second canister.