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The PUR Clinic - Vasectomy Reversal & Testicular Pain-The PUR Clinic - The PUR Clinic in Clermont Florida are leading the way in vasectomy reversal, testicular pain, and groin pain solutions for men! Learn more today.

  • http://www.purclinic.com/vasectomy-reversal/ Robotic Vasectomy Reversal - The PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - The PUR Clinic has a 97% success rate in robotic vasectomy reversal surgery, way above average! Contact The PUR Clinic today for your vasectomy reversal.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/testicular-pain/ Chronic Testicular Pain? The PUR Clinic can help men!-The PUR Clinic - Men, are you having chronic testicular pain? Call The PUR Clinic today for discrete and non-invasive solutions on how to solve testicular pain issues.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/testicular-pain/testicular-pain-treatment/ Treatment For Testicular Pain. The PUR Clinic Can Help!-The PUR Clinic - Do you suffer from chronic testicular pain? The PUR Clinic has treatments for Testicular pain and groin pain issues. Contact us today to be pain free!
  • http://www.purclinic.com/male-infertility/ Male Infertility? The PUR Clinic has solutions. - The PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - The PUR Clinic in Clermont, FL is leading the way in male infertility solutions. Approximately 15% of all couples face infertility issues. Learn more today.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/male-infertility/azoospermia-no-sperm/ No Sperm? Azoospermia? The PUR Clinic can help.-The PUR Clinic - Men, no sperm? The PUR Clinic can discretely discuss your needs today and help with a solution. Learn more about no sperm issues with The PUR Clinic.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/male-infertility/varicocele/ What is a Varicocele?-The PUR Clinic - The PUR Clinic can help with Varicocele. Varicocele is still one of the most controversial issues in the field of male infertility. The PUR Clinic can help.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/why-pur/ Why Choose The PUR Clinic?-The PUR Clinic - Choose the PUR Clinic at the South Lake Hospital for your vasectomy reversal & groin pain solutions. See us in the news, our awards, testimonies, and more!
  • http://www.purclinic.com/why-pur/team/ View the team members working with The PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - Meet the friendly team at The PUR Clinic in Clermont, Fl. See our doctor's and staff's profiles and ask some questions to the team at The PUR Clinic!
  • http://www.purclinic.com/why-pur/books-publications/ Books & Publications by The PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - Dr. Sijo & Dr. Jamin - award winning urologist from the PUR Clinic have many books and publications for your review and education.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/contact-us/ Testicular Pain-Vasectomy Reversal? Contact PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - Contact the PUR Clinic in Clermont, FL today. The PUR Clinic operates out of the South Lake Hospital and leading the way in groin pain solutions for men.
  • http://www.purclinic.com/contact-us/patient-forms/ Patient Forms from The PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - Download all the patient forms needed for your visit to The PUR Clinic. Download them here or fill & submit them online! Begin groin pain relief today!
  • http://www.purclinic.com/pre-post-operation-instructions/ Pre & Post Operation Instructions from The PUR Clinic-The PUR Clinic - Before you go into your next surgery, check out the Pre & Post Operation Instructions provided by The PUR Clinic.

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  • DeanD - Good but not great

    As others have said the tablets can be somewhat crumbled. None have been total write offs but some have had 25% missing. Provides good chlorination but I'll probably shop for another product when these run out.

  • Slinda - How to begin to database like the big boys

    I started with database programs in the 80's. And began learnng to write expressions with a dos based program called Q&A, so know what it is to sit at a computer screen and growl at it when it doesn't do what you tell it. maybe it wouldn't surprise you if I told you Jo public thinks I'm a crazy person to have bought this program again and to use it, rather than the more basic types, esp since I"m not working, or self employed at the moment. But I'm specific as hell, and wanted something that would offer me power and choices-those that aren't illegal or immoral, that is.

  • justin fontana - Its great

    the new Demarini CF5 bat I got my daughter is great. She loves it so far. It has really good pop. She's only practiced with it so far, but she is very excited to use it in her next tournament. Thank you

  • Tori - $h!t STINKS!

    Holy cow. This stuff is POTENT. I have had it for over a month and I avoid going near it because it literally makes me want to vomit everytime I get the slightest wiff of it. Definitely works. Bought it for a practical joke at the office, but I'm afraid to use it and stain my office with that stench. Hah!

  • Paul G. - Floor Cleaner of the future

    I want to start out by saying thank you Hoover. This is truly product innovation at its finest. I have had many floor cleaners because I really like my house to be super clean. I have tried pretty much everything out there and I have to say for hard floors this is the best possible solution.

  • Heather North - Great for adults too!

    I bought this before a long trip as I wanted to reduce the number of products I bought, and the combo shampoo/body wash seemed convenient. Now, I use this all the time! It's become my new favorite body wash because it's thick enough and gets sudsy enough to shave with. I still keep a bar soap around, and I haven't replaced my regular shampoo or anything, but I grab this soap at least 50% of the time -- still a strong recommendation in my book.