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  • John R. Layson - Bet that you can't stop after one chapter

    This is true Virgil flowers . Impossible to put down the book just have to keep reading . A truly insane storyline with a nearly impossible finish . Virgil flowers for sure . Please hurry with the next book love this series

  • Wong10 - Pretty Surprising

    I was wary about trying another product that would supposedly solve my ingrown hair problems especially with the cost and the seemingly small amount you get.

  • Seana B - Beuitiful as always

    Just as beautiful as all of this collection is! My husband and I buy one of these every Christmas to add to our Christmas tree. So classy, and we love the way they reflect the tree lights.

  • Richard - Out of date with poor GPS Receiver

    GPS fob does not work, map is extremely dated. I wanted this so I could see things around us when we traveled to find stores and sites. With the dated maps and the GPS FOB not working by the time we figure out where we are when driving we have already passed what we may have wanted to see along the way. Your better off just using your navigation system.

  • johanna - waste of time and money

    I know it's hard to believe reviews on anything unless you've experienced it for yourself but I've tried proactiv three different times now throughout the past ten years and it has never once worked for me! My skin seemed like it was getting better in the first two weeks and then it was almost like it just stopped working, and my skin actually got worse as time went on and I still continued to use it. I have had moderate acne for almost 15 years now along with my skin being sensitive and very oily. The other thing that really bothered me about proactiv was the products actually made my skin more oily and it was almost embarrassing how oily my skin was only ten minutes after putting the products on. Congrats to anyone who had great results with proactiv!!

  • Jane Mcgann - Straightforward and Well-priced Tax Software

    I have been a TurboTax user for years, and was bitten by the change in TT offerings. I took advantage of the H&R Block free download for unhappy TT customers and decided to also investigate TaxACT. I am glad I did. I have a Mac, and thus had to use the online version, and found it easy to use. The most irritating part was the failure of TaxACT to read my old tax returns; not a huge deal, just a bit more time consuming. The interview format is slightly different to TT, and took a little getting used to, particularly when filling business expenses; I had to do my own calculations for business usage of home and vehicle. Again, not a big issue, just something to be aware of.