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  • schultz - Good for the price

    Good strategies, online practice tests included, overall good purchase. Practice tests are the best feature. Some of the material is worth reading, though not all.

  • Kelly A. Garbato - Great for hardwood floors!

    I live with two dogs and a cat, all of which shed like mad. Before finding the Swiffer, I had to lug the vacuum around and use the extension to suck all the fur off of my hardwood floors - and that didn't even pick up most of the hair. Now, I use the Swiffer twice a week and my floors are hair-free. Granted, the pads tend to fill with hair quickly, and I end up going through two each time I clean the house. To extend their life, I pick large clumps of hair off the pad as I go and use both sides of each pad as well. They're also great for dusting (no cleaning solutions required), and sometimes I'll use the pads for light dusting and then clean the floors with them. The Swiffer is great for cleaning those hard-to-reach places, too - especially under the bed. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it's not quite as good picking up dirt - it can tend to just push the dirt around. But overall, it's certainly better than using a broom!