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  • http://www.psycho-drama.com/31-q-and-a/191-death-note-light-l-evil-characters Q&A: In Death Note, both main characters (L and Light) seem to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this? - In Death Note, both of the main characters (L and Light) seemed to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this?

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  • Amazon Customer - NATURAL SCIATIC RELIEF!!!

    I am not going to lie and tell you I was not skeptical after running across this product after years of back trouble and now at 64, the leg pain on my right leg so debilitating that I could no longer even walk the length of a shopping mall or stand or sit for any length of time, or most important even or ever ride my horse again. The depression became the next problem. I know that God sent this program. I let it sit in the case for days before I got started as I complained daily and my husband kept asking when are you going to look at it. I finally did, and after many MRI and CT scans, they found stenosis (mild), arthritis and bulging (mild) but could not explain the leg pain, (just live with it, attitude). Kinda like telling someone with cancer to take an aspirin, unless you have suffered this don't talk to me. I , after thinking it might be my psoas muscle as well as the physical therapist was totally wrong, it was and is my Piriformas muscle and after just two times doing the stretches (scared to death I was going to suffer from this exercise) I was feeling relief. Now it is going on a week ONLY, my husband and I are on vacation, just doing things like driving up the coast (could never do that before this happened), walking along the beach towns, looking in windows, (could never do that) and NOW, today, after this writing, I AM GOING TO GO AND RIDE MY HORSE (FAT HORSE FROM NO EXERCISE). Most of all thank to GOD because HE did not answer my prayer with a quick fix, because I would have never been able to share this with you and help you feel relief again, there really is a life out there now and I am going for it, thank you so much for this DVD.....

  • Idaho Candy - It's a top coat for your floors.

    I've struggled for years to get rid of the hazy finish on my laminate floors. I don't know whether the previous owner used a product they weren't supposed to or what. I've tried ammonia, vinegar, a buffer and a number of other products. I read about this one on a Pinterest blog and it was not wrong. This is not a floor cleaner. Make sure your floors are clean and dry before applying. I consider it more of a top coat like you would use after you paint your nails. It dries to a very nice shine and has restored my love for my laminate floors.

  • Scott - Best g9 replacement in existence if u favored everything the g9 offered

    a bit pricey but it's replaced by aged g9x very well. I can't detect any input lag over works (Logitech isn't lying), the battery lasts a long time, the software is very good. this is almost everything I was hoping for in a g9 replacement. it doesn't offer quite the finger or claw grip I was hoping for but is better than most other Logitech gaming mice. I wanted to stick with Logitech because I don't think I could have given up the dual scroll modes, on the fly sensitivity changing, gaming profiles, programmability, or 5-way middle mouse button (scroll wheel, horizontal clicking, and middle mouse click) of which every other brand would have compromised. there's still no replacement for the g9 but this hits everything with a slightly less claw- / fingertip-friendly grip.

  • Jeff - Genius -- outdoors people take notice!

    Here is one of those better mouse traps. I saw one the other day and immediately bought one for my Tundra. Tundra owners -- you will most likely need the longer hitch pins! It is steep in price but the first time you use it it pays for itself. The only draw back it that it needs to better weather proofed. Nothing a simple plastic bag doesn't cure in my case. But in northern climates I could image salt penetration possibly making this thing tricky to get out.

  • ArieSimplicity - NOT A GOOD FIT

    I have a cortex blow dryer and this didn't fit to stay on on my dryer AT ALL. The seller was kind enough to do a full refund for this purchase, but I wouldn't consider this "universal".