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  • Elinor W. Olson - Little known history

    Although a fictional book, it was obviously well researched and tells a lot about that tie period. Although he was Henry VIII's great grandfather, little is known about him.

  • Broken English - Worth every penny! Love this!!!! šŸ’œ

    Introduced to me by a stylist and this is now a staple of my mornings. Smells like candy and the hold is a moveable, light hold always bouncing back when reworked. A little goes a long way and I personally found this works EXTREMELY well to tame friezes and keep the hair sexy. I normally have to use 3 oils in my hair and this has replaced that for frizz, which is a side effect of what I amam using it for. My hair is stacked and this can give it a classic polished look or a sexy tousled look. You won't find a better product or price!

  • Josh - Short-term happiness; long-term disappointment.

    Iā€™m disappointed in this product. Everything was great for the first 2 months. It was very easy to setup, had a great range, and I was getting excellent throughput. Then a few months ago I starting having trouble with the 5 Ghz signal unless I was in the same room as the router. My phone, laptop, and iPad were getting a very weak 5 Ghz signal while the 2.4 Ghz signal remained strong all the time. At times my phone or laptop will completely drop the 5 Ghz signal completely - but again, the 2.4 Ghz signal stays strong and consistent.

  • K S. - works as promised

    These worked! My supply was basically gone, so I bought these and made sure to drink a lot of water everyday. My supply nearly tripled! I "tested" them by stopping about a month after these began working, and my supply dropped again. When I started them to see if it would increase again, they consistently worked to increase my supply!

  • Charlene Nue - chair

    Received everything as described. Setting up was so simple. Now using and hope it does the job. You have to at least use it before it can work for you. Perfect item for my husband.

  • Dirkdaddy - Not as good as I'd hoped for

    Unlike perhaps some users I am coming from a reasonable woodworking background, having used other jointing meathods such as biscuits and rabbits. This is fast way of making joints, but there are some drawbacks.