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  • Kindle Customer - So Fantastic!!

    I loved Kyle's previous series, but I'm so excited that she wrote this separate, yet connected one. It's such an amazingly talented work, full of real struggles that are combined in a delightful way with Weredragons. I so enjoyed the characters and amazing descriptions that brought the story to life right inside my mind, so I felt like I could almost be watching a movie. What a blessed gift this author has. I can't wait to read more of this series.

  • Guy who buys stuff - I love these shoes

    I use them as my casual workout shoe and another pair as just regular sneakers to wear whenever. They're light, comfortable, airy, adequately cushioned without being cumbersome. Just excellent. And they're fashionable and look great too. I don't use these for long distance runs but I suspect they would be fine. I tried the Nike Free 5.0 and I have to say these fit much better and are more comfortable. I'm a 9.5 men's and it fits perfectly. I do have a somewhat higher arch than most and I find the arch support perfect, but this shoe is probably not good for you if you have flat feet.

  • Rupert Cox - Planning to use this software with Google Apps?

    Tread carefully if you are intending to use this product with a Windows PC running Google Apps with your email client (in my case Outlook 2003). There are known issues with email functionality using KIS2015 (also Kaspersky Total Security 2015) with Google Apps. Technical support are willing but useless, and the response times are unacceptable.

  • Theresa H. - Hair Essentials not a miracle cure, but it helps

    It does help with hair loss and it slows, down than stops that excessive loss (you know the one where you look into the tub after a shower and want to cry because there is so much hair there). I didn't know I had new hair growth, even though my beautiatian said she thought my hair felt thicker to her and my natural curl was coming back. My nails were finally growing again and thicker. Unfortunately I stopped taking it for two months to see if it really had worked (very dumb idea). Well for me it does because my hair started falling out after two weeks, became visably noticable to me and my family that it was thinner after a month and a half. My beautiatian noticed it was not as healthy and thinner at my hair appointment, she was quite dissappointed I had stopped taking it and suggested I go back on it.

  • Noworries0 - Greatest Product Ever Invented

    I am terrified of roaches and grew up with the ones that trapped you in the bathroom and flew around only to get tangled in your hair...shall I continue? Still have nightmares about it, but then I wake up from my horror and remember that there is an invisible force field around my place called BENGAL. Thank you, thank you, Bengal makers. I have been using this stuff for almost 10 years now. It even kills carpenter ants. Rarely find roaches and on those rare occasions they're already dead. Both the the regular and gold label products work GREAT. I recommended it to a friend of mine who had outside roaches around her pool area and to her amazement it worked great! She used the outdoors formula. Bengal is the greatest!!!

  • Chrisy - I was on Depo Provera for 12 years, my ...

    I was on Depo Provera for 12 years, my last shot was due April 2014 but I didnt get it so we could start trying. As anyone knows coming off of Depo they say it may take 1.5 years to get a normal period and me being 34 I was not expecting much. I started Pregnitude on July 20th 2014 and found out I was pregnant on October 12th 2014. I was only off of Depo for 6 months and Pregnitude regulated me that quickly. I am now 6 weeks along with our first.