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  • TV News Chica - It really does work, with diet & exercise

    I wasn't expecting much, but only after a week, I lost 8 pounds. I'm not joking! I also restricted my calories, did cardio exercises everyday and took 1 pill 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. And please drink lots of water, it will help get the supplements through your system. I'm not sure when I will increase my dose to 2 pill at a time, but as long as I maintain these results, I will stick with what I'm doing. I also spoke with customer service and they were incredibly nice. I can't say enough about my results so far. It has really helped me stay motivated to continue with a more healthy way of life. I will update after a month.

  • God'schild - Very good product for a great price!

    I'm ordering them through the subscribe & save item at amazon for $15.94 no shipping cost, you can't beat this price anywhere and I get them on time every month. These are simply a very good vitamins for our teenagers. My son 13 yrs old started to take them months ago and I only give him two tablets per day. It has helped him with energy and concentration at school, he has improved tremendously his grades to As and Bs from Cs and Ds, his early signs of acne disappear after taking regularly these vitamins. It doesn't upset his stomach and yes at the beginning he had some trouble swelling them, but now he takes them with a big glass of chocolate milk and has no problem now. I will totally recommend this product! :)

  • Manhattanite - Not user friendly

    Not easy to install in my Prius and user manual is hard to follow. Also seat is not as comfortable as it looks. Car seat is a non-returnable item once opened due to safety reason so I'm stuck with it. Company's website has YouTube videos on installation and I'm finally able to install it after watching the videos.

  • Customer 007 - Save the wine!!

    I bought this along with a aerator for my girlfriend for valentines day as a gift as she is growing in her love for wines. However, as I am more of a tequila connoisseur, we usually don't use a whole bottle in one sitting. Enter the Vacu Vin. This little sucker does just that to the wine bottle, allowing you do finish it off at a later date ;). I would recommend purchasing an aerator to go along with it, as the wine does seem to lose a bit of it's freshness no matter what.