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    City: -2.7167 Lancashire, United Kingdom

  • Julie Anne Yanagisawa - Ruined my boots

    It does what it is supposed to do, repel water. Yet, it ruined my nice leather boots by coloring it metallic. Should NOT be used on leather and wouldn't recommend buying it. Don't want to try it on wood or metal and also not sure how to get it off.

  • Wanda J. Smith - Awesome Tumbler

    I've had this tumbler less than a week and I already love it!! It's been in the 90s for weeks here and when I'm running errands it is so nice to get back in my car and have ice cold water waiting for me. It is so much cheaper than the Yeti and works wonderfully.

  • disappointed in leapfrog - FALSE ADVERTISING

    The camera and video app doesn't allow the full 2GB memory to be used as advertised. Once more than 1.2GB of apps is loaded onto the leappad, the camera app doesn't allow pictures to be taken. LeapFrog was contacted about this issue and has stated this is how it is designed and will not issue a software update to address this problem. A class action law suite is being filled against Leapfrog for false advertising regarding this issue.

  • A. Gustafson - Works great! So thankful!

    I bought a 3 month supply special deal on the website. I agree with others-- this product has helped to actually heal leaky gut, whereas other things just helped the symptoms. I accidentally had gluten the other day and while I still had a reaction, it was not as strong. That is really noticeably different for me!

  • J_nice17 - I really like the smell

    Ive been using this for weeks now. I really like the smell. It seems to be working quite well. I'm starting to see slight improvements. I'm sure over time I will see much better results. But so far so good. I'm impressed.

  • Shieldknight01 - Put all your recipes at the touch of your fingers

    Does a wonderful job of allowing you to customize your cookbooks. The hardest thing is typing in new recipes, but that's made even easier by the import feature.