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Help to maintain healthy blood pressure with PD120 natural blood pressure supplement - PD120 can help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels without the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

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  • J. rios - Stinky Fragrance.net

    I am a longtime user of biosilk and am VERY familiar with the product. I placed this last order through in the amazon marketplace. WHAT'S IN A NAME? well, the product i received was definitely not biosilk but some awful smelling, very runny liquid that is tring to pass off as the real deal. i contacted the site to hear their side...well nothing but coupons and ads, but no explanation yet. so , you STINK!!! and so does that awful expensive liquid you sent me. buyer beware and purchase through someone else not these stinkers!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Suspense on steroids!

    Full of suspense well written,gripping narrative,couldn't wait to finish.recommended for readers who enjoy this twist and suspense. Bravo Mark Edwards.

  • Doug Silveira - Best Appetite Suppressant!

    These pills really do a great job of suppressing my appetite! After a few days of taking the recommended dosage, I've went into taking 3 pills before breakfast, lunch, & dinner, it seems like a lot, but you get used to it, I carry around a little pill carrier that I take with me for work so I know to take it before break. It controls your hunger so that you will not get hungry, and if you just keep drinking water, you'll feel full throughout the whole day! Also while eating, you'll start to notice you'll eat less and still feel full! Overall great product, and didn't even any side effects.

  • JBDragon - I wish I could give it a -1!

    I'm a long time SimCity player. I've owned them all, Including the Original SimCity on my Commodore 64 so many years ago!!! There are a number if issues I have with this game, but lets start with a few I'm having. This game requires a ALWAYS ON INTERNET CONNECTION!!! Why for a SimCity game?!?!?! #1 reason is Digital Rights Management. It's suppose to be for the Social Aspects of the game, which I really don't give a crap about but that's their excuse.

  • JWalk - Scotty Kilmer was right!

    I used to believe in engine treatments like Slick 50, STP and the like but none of them ever really did anything but empty my wallet and give me false peace of mind. This stuff seems to work, however. I put the recommended amount in my 95 Firebird Formula with 154K miles to slow down a front and rear seal leak ( LT1 V8's are famous for this issue) After about 1000 miles of being in the engine, the 4 inch long lines of oil that would show up on the ground after 2 days of sitting have all but stopped. I also put it in my 74 El Camino's 350 (repl engine) and it stopped most of the leaking from the rear seal. So it's not a magic bullet but it did more than anything else I tried. One other benefit is that because it circulates with your oil, it can potentially rejuvenate internal seals as well. Be a lot cheaper and easier than replacing valve seals if they're not too far gone. One last thing, I read how it sealed somebody's leaky floor jack hydraulic cylinder so I tried it on mine and it worked there as well. All in all I felt it was a good value for the price.

  • dosmalo - So far - so good. I'm not going into a long drawn out ...

    So far - so good. I'm not going into a long drawn out critique yet but I can tell you the picture quality is great, the remote is great and it only weighs 16 pounds!!!. Audio not so great but I'm assuming LG knows this anyway and figures most people are going to ditch the factory audio for a separate surround sound home theater hook up.