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Welcome to PrairieStar Health Center -- Hutchinson Kansas-PrairieStar - Here at PrairieStar Health Center we provide a number of services to Hutchinson adn the surrounding area. From Dental work and Medical services, to Lab work and Industrial medicine.

  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/patient-portal.html Patient Portal allows you to access to your personal medical information at the click of a button-PrairieStar - The Patient Portal is PrairieStar Health Center's way of giving you convenience with your medical treatment. Get your medical information when you need it.
  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/expert-medical-care.html Our Medical staff offers a wide variety of treatment options -- from full Medical, Dental, and all the in-betweens-PrairieStar - Here at Prairiestar Health Center we offer a superb array of services. From physicals and check-ups to chronic disease management and lab services.
  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/dental-services.html Dental services provided by PrairieStar Health Center-PrairieStar - PrairieStar Health Center also offers full dentistry services. Brighten someone's day by getting a cleaning.
  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/eyecare-prairiestar.html Our Industrial Medicine team is quick and reliable-PrairieStar - At PrairieStar Health Center our lab technicians perform medical tests quickly and accurately. Quality and reliability come guaranteed.
  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/immunizations-preventitive-care.html Immunizations are important for everyone-PrairieStar - Old or young, PrairieStar Health Center can perform immunizations for all seasons. We accept walk-ins and worker's compensation
  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/drug-recovery-program.html Find us in Hutchinson Kansas -- Services for your every need.-PrairieStar - Our location is quite spacious to accommodate our large staff of health professional. We can handle minor to major cases.
  • http://www.prairiestarhealth.org/donate.html Donate to our Cause -- PrairieStar Health Center-PrairieStar - PrairieStar Health Center provides for the less fortunate and a large part of services we offer to them come from private donations.

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