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Préparation aux Concours : Médical, Paramedical, Social à Paris, Lille, Amiens - Classe préparatoire aux concours : Médicaux, paramédicaux et sociaux : L1 santé (PACES), Kiné, Orthophonie, Psychomotricien, Infirmier, Social. Prépa à Paris, Lille et Amiens.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Patricia Carone - Essential Reading

    This is an important book for every voting American. We have to be aware of the cyber threats to our political process and strongly rebuke those who aid our national adversaries. Also Congress must do its job and pass appropriate legislation. Congressional gridlock is another major threat to our national security.

  • Mabsies - Galaxy S7 Edge Case by Spigen®

    I love the strength and durability of the Galaxy S7 Edge Case by Spigen®! It has really saved my phone from the every day casual drops. I appreciate that it is very thin and does not effect the function of the buttons as others I have tried have in the past. It was very easy to apply and has so far worked very effectively to provide the additional protection I desire. My phone very easily clips into the wallet and I am able to slide my cards and or money into the slots so I need not bring my entire purse on a short trip to the store!

  • Teresa - Works for my fibromyalgia!

    I am 57 and have had fibromyalgia for years . I have so much more energy when I take this and the aches and pains have diminished so much I forget I have fibromyalgia. I have been able to rake my very large yard and do hand sewing without the terrible swelling and pain in the evening or the following day. I had been off my pain meds due to a terrible lag time from my doctor's office and my pharmacy and now I am considering going without to see how much benefit I can truly reap from black seed oil. After a long day, lying in bed at night used to be very painful, taking at least an hour for my body to " settle" so that I could even try to relax over the pain, especially in my feet. It now takes about five to ten minutes to "settle". One great benefit is that my spider veins on my legs are disappearing. That's such a confidence booster, for older women in particular. I really don't like to go to the doctor, but the last time I was there they said my chlorestoral was up. I think that the black seed oil will prove to be working on that as well. And one last thing, the extra weight around my middle has been reduced, and I have only started taking black seed oil about three and a half weeks ago. I feel very happy and excited to have found something that works for me on SO many levels. The down side is that I can only find this online right now. I wish it were in a local store to avoid shipping costs. But that is quibbling, I will continue to seek this out which ever way I can. For those with fibromyalgia, please, give it a try.

  • P Nitty - If you have thinning hair, this is perfect. If you have totally bald spots, not so much.

    It's funny, I tried this same product about 15 years ago and remember it not sticking/bonding with my existing hair. Well, between now and then, they must have fixed something. I usually shower at night and started applying this before bedtime (it sounds stupid, I know). But I wanted to illustrate the point that my pillow has no black powdery marks from it when I wake up. This stays affixed to my existing hair so well overnight that I don't need to reapply any more in the morning when brushing my hair.

  • Frank Hoeft - Good price

    The price was great as a lightning deal. We've just started doing our taxes so we'll see how it goes. We used to use taxcut and got mixed results. Not bad, just not as good as an accountant. I guess they know all the tricks. My wife is a teacher so it seems to confuse the program as she doesnt pay into social security. I will have to look into it further.

  • ria gordon - it a great deal but one problem the paint is very watery and my gun has a defect

    my airbrush gun isnt working and paint is very watery ,tried every thing possible an still my gun is not working

  • E. Traweek - Worked pretty good

    Keeping in mind that I was using it on cans of 3M 08881 car body undercoating, which I'm sure it was not intended for, it did clog up enough that the cans stopped spraying about halfway thru. By experimenting.....since I'd not taken the time to find any of the recommended cleaner (live out in the sticks)....found that when it did that, spraying both the tool and the spray part of the can with something called "Goo Gone", it would resume. Had some left in the last can, so cleared it as recommeded (spray with the can held upside down until only air comes out), then filled the small inside ring of the can cover with Goo Gone, put it on the can, and stored it standing on its head overnight. Checked it a week later and the can was still working, so it's good to go when I want to do the overlaps on my stock horse trailer roof. On a regular paint can, it may not plug. Haven't tried it there....yet. Even plugging up, it sure beats holding that button down with your finger!