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Pitango Venture Capital - Pitango Veture Capital is Israel's leading Venture Capital fund. Since 1993, Pitango has invested in more than 120 companies, helping them turn their ideas into viable companies and market leaders. We invest in early, expansion and late stage companies in the fields of Communications; Networking & Storage; Wireless, Cellular and Mobile technologies; Enterprise Software, Internet and Media; Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Clean Technologies.

  • http://www.pitango.com/news-and-events/Facebook-integrates-LiveU-tech-to-boost-content/ Facebook integrates LiveU tech to boost content - Israeli startup LiveU has developed a wireless product that allows content providers to broadcast high-quality live streams directly to Facebook Live.
  • http://www.pitango.com/news-and-events/RADWIN-and-MaximaTelecom-Demonstrate-500-Mbps-Throughput-Onboard-Moscow-Metro-Trains/ RADWIN and MaximaTelecom Demonstrate 500 Mbps Throughput Onboard Moscow Metro Trains - Tel Aviv, Israel, September 28, 2016, RADWIN (www.radwin.com), the leading provider of train-to-ground wireless communications solutions, and MaximaTelecom - operator of the largest worldwide Wi-Fi network onboard Moscow Metro – today announced results of RADWIN’s recently-launched Next Generation Train-to-Ground solution. RADWIN’s new platform delivered 500 Mbps actual Ethernet throughput onboard Moscow Metro Line 11 (Kakhovskaya), setting a new benchmark in the industry.
  • http://www.pitango.com/news-and-events/AppsFlyer-Launches-DeviceRank-The-Industry-First-Mobile-Device-Level-Ad-Fraud-Prevention-Technology/ AppsFlyer Launches DeviceRank, The Industry’s First Mobile Device-Level Ad Fraud Prevention Technology - San Francisco, CA – September 22, 2016 – AppsFlyer, the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, today released new data forecasting that app marketers will lose $100 million in 2016 due to verified mobile app install and engagement advertising fraud — as well as revealing the countries that have the highest rates of this type of ad fraud. The study’s findings are based on the company’s new anti-fraud technology, called DeviceRankTM, which also launched today. The technology provides an unparalleled level of protection for mobile app advertisers by automatically “cleaning” fraudulent devices from marketers’ campaigns aimed at driving app installs and post-install activities.

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  • Dave Sadler - One of the worst applications I've used

    I have been the happy owner/user of Rental Property Manager v2, for several years and have recommended that product to associates who also have rental properties.

  • Mick Donalds - Here's an honest, helpful, REAL review

    I too am suspicious about any of these “Excellent” reviews. I came across eSalon through nCrowd deals and thought I’d try it since it “sounded” good and supposedly professional type coloury, so I purchased it. I received the package and was impressed with the presentation. However, was extremely disappointed. First it is extremely strong of chemicals and ammonia, which I do not use for my hair but I tried it not knowing. I’ve had professional hair colours and also drug store colours for 3 decades so I know what my hair is supposed to feel like and smell like, and after I put it on, it is SO VERY strong, I had to put my t-shirt up over my face to breathe. My husband had to leave the house he couldn’t stand it and I was in the bathroom. Also right away I could tell it was stripping my hair and the texture of my hair felt very bad, so after only 15-20 mins (half the time they said to) I tried to rinse it out ASAP. And again, is so strong it actually wasn’t even rinsing out and my hair texture felt really bad, like straw, I was scared and kept rinsing forever, and had to also shampoo my hair & rinse thoroughly 3 times to get it out! and I never have to do that. I slathered on my own intense conditioner and left on for 3 hours so it would reverse the dryness. So obviously I was not ever going to purchase this product again. God only really knows what’s in their formula.

  • Aprildsalon - Finally!!

    I received this product quickly and in great condition. I have had acne for over a decade and this product has cleared my skin quickly. Within a week of using the product my acne was under control. I have had one break since using it and I believe it is because I slacked off using it for a few days. Great product. Highly suggested.

  • CKayy - Pretty Whites :)

    My husband and I both decided to use the supersmile system after reading the reviews. We used the toothpaste and accelerator along with the Supersmile Whitening Pre-Rinse (which tastes HORRID). We've been using the product off and on for several months.

  • CTCraftBrew - lifesaver

    Probably literally a lifesaver. This book allows you to understand and manage your acid reflux without the dangerous and expensive drugs. Once I realized what was going on, I was able to adjust my diet and lifestyle so that I could actually sleep at night again.

  • Mommy of kiddos - Awesome!

    It was great to switch the old antenna out because it kept hitting out garage coming in and out. This was such an easy switch!