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Pilates & Personal Trainer - Pilates e Personal Trainer Ferreira Vieira - Com um rico arsenal para exercícios de membros superiores, inferiores e abdominais, o Cadillac se destaca pelo seu sistema de fixação de molasO mais completo e versátil dos aparelhos o reformer oferece diversas alternativas de trabalhos para membros superiores e inferioresO único aparelho do mercado que possui fixação para molas e um inovador sistema 2 em 1 que possibilita a retirada do barrel, podendo assim ser utilizado como meia luaStep um aparelho de pequenas dimensões mais muito versátil

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City: -81.1893 Florida, United States

  • Crawlerz - Spot on protection

    This is a review of the Nvidia shield version . Works exactly as advertised. Very good feel, if slightly thick. Have noticed occasional issues with sensitivity, good thing the nvidia shield is super sensitive to begin with. One star off for price, sorry. Yes it feels better than a plastic screen protector and it's rigid so aplication was actually simpler than a soft one. Note to anyone doing this, make sure the screen is pristine before you apply and forget using the included suction cup. It's a nice idea on paper but in reality all it does is create a bubble under the already applied screen protector, when you try to pull it off. Just use your fingers grab it by the edges. Note it also can smoke us out for the light sensor so it can only be fitted one way.

  • Mario Bellavia - it has made my back-acne worse =( Will try to use daily to see if ...

    I havent been using it everday but i feel that since I started using it, it has made my back-acne worse =( Will try to use daily to see if there are any improvements

  • Taylor - no no no

    Okay I bought this after seeing all the rave reviews about it on every social networking site I am on. I didn't want to attend one of those lame parties so I resulted to Amazon. It wasn't until after I bought it and used it that I realized that the people raving about this were only in it for the money. Sell it to your sad, pathetic friends and make money off of them. So lets get to the powder. Yes it was very tasty and I had several shake recipes I used every day (Provided by Vi that just added more calories). I enjoyed drinking these, flavor-wise. I did not like the horrible stomach pain associated with the shakes or my rumbling stomach 30 minutes after finishing one. I replaced my breakfast and lunch everyday for a month with this shake for no results. I MAYBE lost 5 pounds. MAYBE. I did eat a sensible supper every evening and stretched and walked daily. I do not suggested anyone buying these. The only real way to lose weight and keep it off is to make a lifestyle change. Eat healthy all the time and exercise at least 3-4 times a week for effective weight loss. These shakes are nothing more than a money gimmick and cannot be safe to use for a long period of time. It took my stomach months to get back to normal after stopping these shakes. Save yourself the hassle and do it the right way.