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PhotoMedex - Delivering the Science of Skin Health. Innovatively. Globally. - PhotoMedex (Nasdaq:PHMD) offers the XTRAC excimer laser for dermatological applications such as psoriasis; Omnilux medical laser products and services; and Neova skin care technology for skin, hair and wound care.

  • http://www.photomedex.com/company/purpose.htm PhotoMedex - Purpose - PhotoMedex provides branded dermatological solutions of superior value to improve patients’ lives now and into the future.
  • http://www.photomedex.com/company/core.htm PhotoMedex - Core Strengths - PhotoMedex is committed to growing our Skin Health Solutions in the physician market and focused on expansion into non-physician markets through in-store, on-line, direct-to-consumer media and spa relationships.
  • http://www.photomedex.com/company/executive.htm PhotoMedex - Leadership - The PhotoMedex leadership team represents a broad range of experience and capabilities in the development and marketing of advanced technologies for health care.
  • http://www.photomedex.com/company/scienceboard.htm PhotoMedex - Scientific Advisory Board - The PhotoMedex Scientific Advisory Board includes some of the world's top clinical investigators experienced in advanced health care technologies.
  • http://www.photomedex.com/neova/index.htm PhotoMedex - Neova - Neova provides complete, continuous and optimized correction with DNA Repair and Copper Combination Therapy skincare.
  • http://www.photomedex.com/neova/iamin.htm PhotoMedex - Neova - IAMIN - Stream-lined post-operative wound care, the IAMIN System provides hair transplant after care based on years of research in wound healing and biology.

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  • Devon - Worked in under 30 days

    I ended up getting a toe nail fungus from my nail salon. It was not too bad but enough to make me feel self-conscious. I did some research and found this stuff. It cleared it up in under 30 days. Thank God!

  • oklahomacocklebur - act 123

    Taking the ACT three or more times making use of study periods w/study guides in between is a great way to raise your score considerably. This guide is a good choice for such use. Be sure and take the test more than once. You will raise your score.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for kids

    I bought one for my son and it is easy for him to use. I like how it is small and has a clip on it. I would recommend this MP3 player to anyone as a gift for a child.

  • Paula L. Phillips - One of the best Upcoming Female Mystery Writers

    Dr. Lacey Campbell is the best when it comes to identifying bones, though she is a trained dentist - growing up with a father as the county's Medical Examiner has had it's perks and now she is one of the best in the field of bones. When Lacey is called to a construction site to identify bones, she would never have guessed that this would be the start of a new serial killer and one that wanted her as the final prize. Ten years ago Lacey and her best friend Suzanne were out at a gym meet when they were attacked by what was later known as the Co-Ed Strangler. Lacey survived but her friend Suzanne was never seen again until now as the bones that Lacey has been sent to identify are those of her best friend. What surprises Lacey is that her best friend was pregnant ? So what happened to Suzanne's baby ? Lacey will get the surprise of her life when she realises it's closer than she ever imagined. Who is wanting to exact revenge on those who suffered at the hands of the serial killer and those who put him away for life ? Hidden was such a compacted action-packed novel that had me flipping pages and on the seat of my pants as I was drawn into the story. I loved Hidden so much, that I ended up going on Amazon and purchasing the rest of Kendra Elliot's books to date. So if you love murder mysteries and looking for another author to get stuck into check out Kendra Elliot and her Bone Secrets Series featuring Dr. Lacey Campbell.

  • Jane - Miraculous - stopped scratching the furniture immediately

    I had a terrible time with my 6 month old kitten clawing at all our fabric kitchen chairs. She did in constantly, even while I was standing right there. Spraying her with water only made it worse. I a bit a desperation I thought I would try Feliway. I received it and plugged it in about 3 pm. By the next morning she was no longer scratching the furniture. And she has done very little of it since (maybe once or twice in the course of a week). The funny thing was one time she was sitting on the chair and she looked like she was about to start clawing it. Then she moved her head and looked directly at the plugged in diffuser for a moment, and then jumped down off the chair. I know it's my imagination but it was very funny. I also have trouble with her biting (she was taken from her little too soon) and since the diffuser that has gotten slightly better. I'm hoping with a few more weeks that will also improve.

  • Robert Hammond - Fasting made easy

    The Complete Guide to Fasting is a wonderfully-written, scientifically-documented, yet easy-to-understand book, filled with illustrations, practical tips, case-studies, and even delicious recipes. Who would imagine a book on fasting would include recipes. including steak fajitas, cauliflower pizza, and homemade bacon, but you'll understand why when you read the book. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to lose weight, improve your health, live longer, and save money in the process. After all, people have been recommending fasting since the beginning of time, including millions of people in the world's major religions. But if Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Mahatma Gandhi and the example of millions of Orthodox Christians are not convincing, Dr. Fung loads on the random controlled studies and scientific journal evidence to shine a brilliant light on the subject of fasting. It's everything you ever wanted to know about fasting but were afraid to ask. By the way, the book includes all different kinds of fasting protocols, including the secrets of the popular "Bulletproof coffee" and "5:2 Fast Diet" which allow all kinds of food, but still provide many of the benefits of longer, complete (water only) fasts.

  • Zachary Spencer - Perfect for my use case

    I travel a lot and don't want to run the risk of checking a bag. The Timbuk2 Wingman has more than enough space for a week of clothes, my running shoes (They're vibrams so very very flat) and a few of my travel essentials I like to take along with me.