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  • LlamaLlamaDuck - Callaway Consistently Delivers

    Callaway never fails to deliver a consistently good product. Be it equipment or apparel, they put attention into their design. Full-length club dividers make retrieval a breeze. The oversized rubber feet on the stand add stability (especially on smooth surfaces, like tile & hardwood floors - not all of us store clubs in gritty garages). Plenty of pocket offerings, including an internal/hidden valuables pocket. Base of the bag angled for stand use, which is far better than most of the "kick-stand" versions that employ a movable flap attached to the bottom of the bag (those wear out quicker than you'd think). Added bonus was the ball marker stencil for both a straight line and the Callaway logo.

  • Cost Efficient Shopping - DO NOT PAY TO BE TREATED THIS WAY!!!

    I cannot attest to how good or bad the product is but I can with the service. I called in to order some for today for my husband. As I began to get off the phone telling the rep that I would like to talk to my husband about the cost before I purchased it he immediately got rude. He told why would I call today for information about a product I know I couldn't afford, I was shocked to say the least. He said why didn't you wait til u had some money. Needless to say, this turned into a very ugly conversation. The customer service seem like people that are just taking the calls from home in their own time. I never made it to the point of purchase and thank God after reading all the reviews here I didn't. No atter what the problem is, there is alys more than one solution to fixing it, I will keep looking and I wasn't even looking when I saw that junk on TV.

  • go to girl - Its meant to tone.. not lose fat...

    I purchased this after reading all of the reviews, the good and the bad. I also read the manual when I recieved it before using it. The manual says to enhance tone your abs, not lose weight-fat. It also says to dial it up to the highest intensity you can handle. It delivers as promised if you use it as it is meant to be used - along with diet and exercise. I can imagine it would help some for those who cannot exercise their abs due to back problems or some other reason. It won't burn your fat though. You have to help it by a healthy diet. I started at intensity 50 on day one for one week and added 10 each week after that. I am at 80, M T - Wed off - TH F Sat - Sun off and I do 2 rounds of 30 minutes, so 1 hour a day - 30 in the morning and 30 at night. I bought rechargable batteries - good ones...My abs have never looked better but I started with not much of a muffin and its down to almost nothing and I could not get rid of the last little bit before using the belt. I am a 54 year old female 5ft 8 and 135 lbs so not alot of fat just getting a little older... if you want something to help - this will do the trick. I imagine if I was younger and could withstand a seriously hard workout program I wouldn't have even considered purchasing it but age is catching up to me. So sorry... if you think you can buy it, eat what you want, no exercise at all, sit on the couch and expect it to make you look great its just not going to happen. As their booklet states - it enhances what you have... it works just as it is meant to work and I would purchase it again.