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Pharmacie Des Saugeraies à Mâcon près de Sennecé - Pharmacie Juvanon spécialisé dans la location de matériel médical, en orthopédie et en parapharmacie situé à Mâcon vous accueille sur son site en Saône-et-Loire (71).

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  • http://www.pharmacie-juvanon.fr/pharmacie-macon Pharmacie Juvanon à Mâcon près de Sancé - La pharmacie Juvanon à Mâcon vous apporte des conseils en aromathérapie, phytothérapie, homéopathie, produits bébés, orthopédie, matériel médical, etc.
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  • http://www.pharmacie-juvanon.fr/materiel-medical-vente-location-et-reparationmateriel-medico-chirurgical-macon Matériel Médical à Mâcon - Pharmacie Juvanon - Découvrez notre activité de matériel médico-chirurgical (vente, location, réparation) à Mâcon dans la Pharmacie Des Saugeraies.
  • http://www.pharmacie-juvanon.fr/orthopedie-macon Orthopédie à Mâcon - Pharmacie Des Saugeraies - La pharmacie Juvanon à Mâcon vous propose la vente de matériel orthopédique tel que des bas de contention, attelle, chevillères, ceinture lombaire, cannes, etc.
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  • Cornichia C - Great support

    You don't have to wear the straps if you don't want to. I pulled them right off immediately. Don't worry they are Velcro and come right off and can easily be put back on. Soon as I put it on I felt instant relief. My back always hurts pretty badly on a day to day basis. It did not take the pain completely away but I can definitely feel a difference. Only thing I wish for if it I could get it a little bit tighter or even if the material for around the back had some cushion to really force my back to feel great. But NO COMPLAINTS. It gives your back support like it's supposed to. It's a little thick to try and wear under your clothes if you are a female. But depending on the shirt you could probably get away with it. Fits almost like a waist trainer but not really because it's not right like a waist trainer.

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    This rechargeable power bank really delivers: It charges quickly, retains a charge for weeks, shuts itself off when the device being changed is full. A very smart device! It is a little heavy, but will charge a phone, reader, or tablet several times before needing to be recharged. The fact that it retains its charge is reassuring since when you need a backup it doesn't help if it has lost its charge.