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  • madison co roots - Must read

    This is primarily a love story with an historical basis from a very interesting time in US history. It gives an in depth view of two very different cultures coexisting when the rest of the world is at odds. Great read.

  • alaskan-chatterbox - 2012 (2 disc Special Edition)

    I love this movie. I saw it yeaars ago and am glad to now have it in my DVD collection. Wonderful cast. Special effects make it look so real. To me this is a must to own DVD even if you arne't into disaster movies like I am.

  • kindlereader - Good Translation!

    The Revised Edition is a pleasure to read. The updated translation uses "newer", modern English words, and comes even closer to the Greek and Hebrew original. This is definitely the version I recommend. I also commend this Kindle edition for its accurate text, working hyperlinks (that work flawlessly on Kindle Touch) and really neat formatting.

  • joy saslov - Nasty taste

    Tastes like pond water. You have to have zero taste buds to drink this. I'd rather make my own drink.

  • Camon Davison - Great update for laptops

    Easily installed into my Lenovo y700. I've used crucial for all my builds in the last ten years and have never had any problems. This is no exception.

  • vanessa brooks - I can personally tell you tea tree oil is an amazing thing, I strongly agree that tea tree oil ...

    While shopping for Shampoo and Conditioner last night I also picked up Tea Tree Oil for my scalp. If you all don't know this already I will educate you a little on Tea Tree Oil. I can personally tell you tea tree oil is an amazing thing, I strongly agree that tea tree oil is more effective than prescription medication. I use this oil not only for my scalp, I use it on my feet as well. You will not be dissatisfied . I am using this for my daughters Acne as well and so far is it working pretty well.

  • N. B. Standiford - It works, but it's not a miracle product

    I used this to remove adhesive left on my hood after removing the clear vinyl paint protector that was worn out and looked like s***. It works ok to remove adhesive, but it's not the kind of thing where you just apply it and it comes off easily. It still takes a lot of rubbing and scrubbing. It's better than nothing, but it's also not that great.