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Perio Care - Perio Care are your periodontal specialists in periodontal therapy, regenerative surgery and dental implant surgery.

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  • Joan - This is fantastic piece of gear

    This is fantastic piece of gear. It allowed me to monitor a cottage 125 miles away without connecting to the internet nor the landline company. Price @ $240 was reasonable, and the cost to monitor (all via cell) was less than $60 for the 5 months a year I worry about potential freeze-ups. If a 6th star was available, I'd give it to them. Proof of its efficacy, a workman tripped a circuit breaker, didn't reset it, and I got a text message power was off. Neighbor checked and found the Marcell blinking green (it turned out to be on its internal battery, the heat was on, and all o.k. The Marcell still showed the power to be out. Next day I checked with my contractor, he went back to the site, reset the breaker, and I got a text that the power was on.

  • Wicked Stepmother - Great!

    This is exactly as it said it would be. I am starting a collection with my son, and he is always the one who puts the quarters in. They fit snugly, but it is not too tight to get them all the way in. I do warn him to put them in straight because it doesn't seem as if we could get them out easily. At least not without damaging the cardboard.

  • Loriel13 - Works!

    I'm in my 40's and suddenly started experiencing hair loss by the handful. Docs (along with my research

  • Gabriel Otero - testosterone

    good stuff in a bottle I truly enjoy consuming this product and with the amazon price even more so. I recommend it,.

  • Amazon Customer - I MasterBrained and Loved It!

    I will admit I was extremely doubtful when I started taking this product. If coffee couldn't get me up and going in the morning, I was sure there wasn't much else that would. But I started taking MasterBrain about a month ago before I would go into work and let me just say I have not had any better days at work! I also like that it not only has the morning version but a night version too. I also struggled with getting restful sleep due to my mind going a mile a minute. After taking MasterBrain PM I've gotten the most restful sleep. I would definitely recommend MasterBrain for anyone and everyone!

  • Voracious Reader - Wonderful Service Five Star Plus

    I've been a customer of Avast for 5+ years; each year gets better. I download the license from them and buy a rescue disc yearly that they mail to me with my order# and date printed on the cd.

  • John Wyatt - Another great fast paced thriller.

    Family values are put to the test in Bobby's latest novel. The Ryman's continue their journey in a world that is forever changed. I loved this fast paced story. I constantly found myself wondering what my family would do if we were put into this situation. Plenty of plot twists and turns. Plenty of action. And plenty of late night reading sessions.