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Chicago Podiatrist - Michigan Avenue Podiatry - Foot Doctor Chicago, IL - Chicago Podiatrist, Michigan Avenue Podiatry is a team of foot doctor specializing in podiatric procedures and services in the Chicago, IL area.

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  • Jessica Nichole - and because it does leave my skin feeling pretty good. if you use your face wash to ...

    This face wash has a definite aroma that leaves something to be desired, with tiny hints of citrus. I am trying to push past the smell, since I already purchased this product, and because it does leave my skin feeling pretty good. if you use your face wash to remove your make up as well, keep looking. I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup and then wash my face so it works for me. This soap comes out of the pump bottle and looks a lot like liquid foundation, the bottle is awesome. Being made from all natural ingredients is another reason why I would like to look past the awful smell, I hope they improve that because every other Radha Beauty product I have purchased in the past have smelled lovely and they all work great.

  • Jeff Wulf - Honestly HATE it.

    INTENSE shoulder pain. I think if you're a larger person the purple part will "crush" under you and it will be comfortable (like it is on my hips.)

  • MBA Student - fits alpine 12" type E's

    So i bought this to install 2 12" alpine type E subs under the seat of my 07 ram. I was nervous at first because all the reviews said that subs didn't fit and they needed spacers...well not the case for the type e's. thy do fit snug, kinda have to make sure the wires are pushes to the side so it does fit, but that was effortless. I will mention that that the quality is quite good for a $100 box. I doubt id be ale to make a box that fits this well, looks this nice, and for the same price..not to mention the amount of time it'll take to measure and the chance of scuffing the doors trying to fit everything. Also, when the seats are folded down, the bottom of the seat is barely touching the sub. Not really an issue with the box, since those under-seat compartments dont give you much to work with i the first place..but if you primarily have the seats folded up then you should have good air flow and wont damage ur subs.

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