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Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy | Egoscue University Certified | Portland Oregon - Oregon Exercise Therapy and Matt Whitehead specialize in Postural Alignment Therapy and exercise therapy for pain relief certified by Egoscue University. We help athletes and non-athletes become pain free through correcting their posture.

  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/how-it-works.html Egoscue Method Exercise | Postural Alignment Therapy | Chronic Pain Relief - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Postural Alignment Therapy or Egoscue focuses on your body as a whole and treating the underlying cause of your pain and injuries. Pain and injuries are often caused by postural imbalances and the only way to get complete, long-lasting pain relief is by b
  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/oetnews.html OET Egoscue Newsletter - Oregon Exercise Therapy - OET News is your best source for news relating to posture and pain and how posture alignment therapy works.
  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/about-matt.html Matt Whitehead | Egoscue Instructor | Postural Alignment Specialist - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Matt Whitehead is certified by Egoscue University® as a Postural Alignment Specialist and Advanced Exercise Therapist and has over 9 years’ experience as an Exercise Therapist, Clinic Director, and Therapy Director at Egoscue® Portland and as an Instructo
  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/therapy-options.html Skype Exercise Therapy | Postural Alignment Therapy Options - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Whether you choose In Person Therapy, Skype Therapy, or Email Therapy, Postural Alignment Therapy provides effective pain relief for back pain, hip pain, knee pain, IT band syndrome, tennis or golfers' elbow, disc herniation, sciatica & rotator cuff injur
  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/faqs.html Egoscue Therapist Portland | Frequently Asked Questions - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Frequently Asked Questions about Postural Alignment Therapy, Egoscue, and Oregon Exercise Therapy. What is Egoscue? How do I know if Postural Alignment Therapy can help me? How is Oregon Exercise Therapy different than physical therapy, chiropractic, Rolf
  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/testimonials.html Egoscue Testimonials - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy client testimonials about using Postural Alignment Therapy to end their chronic pain and get back to living an active and pain free life.
  • http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/contact.html Egoscue Portland | Contact Oregon Exercise Therapy - Oregon Exercise Therapy - Contact us for a free consultation today! Oregon Exercise Therapy is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon in the Riverplace Office Building on the Willamette River next to Tom McCall Riverside Park.

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