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Orange Group Limited - Nigeria - FMCG in Nigeria, Personal Care products, Soap, Pharmaceuticals, Lighting, - Orange Group Nigeria is an FMCG company offering Pharmaceutical, Personal Care ,Lighting and Food and Beverage products

  • http://www.orangegroups.com/aboutus.html Orange Group Nigeria - Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Food and Beverage and Lighting - Whether you want drugs, Soaps, Alcoholic Drinks, Energy Drinks, creams or Lighting bulbs and fittings, we offer these products at great prices. Learn more about what we offer at orangegroups.com
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/product.html Orange Group Nigeria - Brands - No matter your desire, whether it's skincare products, pharmaceuticals, energy saving bulbs or Energy and Alcoholic drinks, Orange Group is able to meet your needs.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/cannonextra.html Orange Drugs Paracetamol - Drugs, Paracetmol (Pain killer), Tablet - Orange drugs (Orange group) gives relief from headaches, aches and pain, feverish conditions, backaches, toothaches, joint and muscle pains, sore throat, menstrual pains.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/passionenergydrink.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Food and Beverage - Being the first sachet soda energy drink in Nigeria, Passion energy drink is uniquely formulated to give instant energy and aid in revitalizing, refreshing and recharging you.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/deltaregular.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Medicated and antiseptic soap - Delta Regular cleanses, replenishes and softens your skin and fights against germs that infect the skin.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/osrambulb.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Lighting - Appliances in the home, offices, retails stores, malls, etc. are important application where the value of Osram® lighting makes us the light source of choice for new and contemporary designs.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/soapnoodles.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Soap Noodles - Orange Drugs Limited produces 'soap noodles' at its subsidiary –Orange Drugs Limited Onitsha Plant.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/deltasummer.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Medicated and antiseptic soap (with Menthol) - This zesty, menthol scented bar soap will leave your skin fresh and alive! Infused with the soothing effect of Menthol, this antibacterial and therapeutic soap fights germs and bacteria, leaving your skin cool, clean, moisturized and refreshed after every bath.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/deltaplus.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Medicated and antiseptic soap - Delta Plus treats acne breakouts as it does not clog up your skin, Delta Plus (with Vitamin E) does not have any harsh chemicals that dry out your skin.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/devonangel.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Beauty and luxury soap - Devon Angel Luxury soap is a gentle bar of soap, great from head to toe and you can feel the results, even as Devon Angel Luxury soap makes your skin glow.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/firstlaundry.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Laundry soap - First laundry bar soap has a penetrating force that instantly removes stains on any fabric. It protects both whites and colored fabrics.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/firstpremium.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Multipurpose soap - First Premium is mild on fabrics and its lathering agent is active in dirt and grease removal- a perfect home, travel and out-of-station soap.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/devoncharm.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) Beauty and luxury soap - Devon Charms Luxury soap is a gentle bar of soap, great from head to toe and you can feel the results, even as Devon Exotic Luxury soap makes your skin glow.
  • http://www.orangegroups.com/cpg.html Orange Drugs (Orange group) stroke, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease tablets - stroke, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, Tablet - Clopidogrel is an oral, thienopyridine class antiplatelet agent used to inhibit blood clots in coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease. CPG Clopidrogel reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes (which usually are caused by blood clots) increase in patients with a recent history of stroke or heart attack, and patients with peripheral vascular disease.

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  • Charles Watt - Don't pass this up!

    Before ordering this shirt I was a shy, nervous computer/sci-fi geek, fearful of women and utterly dominated by my Sikh supervisor from Bangalore. After reading the numerous testimonials to the power and life-altering aspects of this legendary, yet strangely beautiful, Three Wolf shirt I decided to throw caution to the winds and attempt to purchase the more "manly" existence that I felt I deserved but that Bowflex had never given me. (Granted it sits, dusty and neglected in one corner of my efficiency apartment. The first time I tried it I nearly fractured both forearms.)

  • c323999 - deja vu dead sea minerals facial peeling

    The deja vu bulls*** is a scam. The one time I actually bothered to pay attention to kiosk at the mall. 24 on amazon 60 in the mall plus free soap ...lmao hope it works

  • YA Librarian - Very nice, with a minor issue

    Let me first say that these are the best pots I have ever had. They are durable, sturdy and nothing sticks to them. They are a bit heavy, but that's good. Today I cooked crepes and they slid easily off the frying pan. I made mac & cheese the other day and burned the cheese to the bottom of the pot. I was like grrr, my new pot! But it was easier to clean than my other pots. I've been boiling a lot of water in the pots to cook macaroni and the grips on the handles work great. I was a little afraid that I might get burned, but that wasn't the case.

  • Chad Eng - Love this Spartacus reel!

    This is a great low-profile reel, and for such a great price. I was worried it was too good to be true, but it isn't. Within five minutes, I had this thing dialed in a ready to roll (some instructions would have been helpful, but there are enough YouTube videos to help get the job done quickly). Really lightweight and feels fast but powerful. I love it!

  • scoots - Best choice of the three different cutting mats I own.

    I use this mat on the top of my workbench as a work surface. Having the inverse color choice on each side is nice, and they made some smart choices with the number and tick mark design along the sides. There are smaller dots arranged in the grid squares that allow for gauging things on slightly smaller scale.

  • Loretta J - works like a charm

    swear by this product for psoriasis of any dermatitis of the scalp, eyebrow and facial hair. works like a charm, he used it once a day for seven then 1-2 times a week maintainence.

  • Alvin - More than meets the eye

    First, a disclaimer. I currently do not sell the product, so I will give you an honest neutral review. I do love this product...I am medically classified as morbidly obese, although I am in good shape, I still wanted to lose the belly fat. Heard about it from about 20 different people, thought i'd give it a try. First and foremost, I have to say that this is not a lose fat fast fad diet. It's a lifestyle change, and yes you can get results by counting calories, but believe me this is far easier. I spent 3 months using myfitnesspal on my android/iphone and according to what I inputed, the app said I was starving myself. That coupled with my aggressive workout routine via personal trainer, I should've lost about 30 lbs...when in fact I only lost 15, which is great...but it seemed I was missing something with the calorie counting because it did say I was in "starvation mode".