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  • Justin Patterson - Fun! Until It dropped.

    Got it. Loved it, wanting to play atleast 2-3 hours a day. Go to put it on day 4, the strap pops off one of the strap buttons on the end drops the guitar, bending the Real tone cord.... =/...And I had used it for 10+ hours at the time of it snapping off which makes no sense. I hope they will replace it if not, This will be the last thing I buy from amazon.

  • angie - Great Product, Horrible Advertising

    So I got the facial peel and I love it, but now that I see it online for $20 I'm outraged .3. I paid $60 for this and $40 for the moisturizer (They sweetened the deal with the nail kit and I'm too polite to say no :/ ). Lovely product, but sketchy sales people. I also won't buy anymore because I can get it here so much cheaper! Never going to the mall again .o.

  • vicky - Did absolutely nothing!

    I used up the whole bottle along with the day and night cream. Save your money! I get better results with Olay.

  • B. Leed - Worked!

    I selected the qcarbo 32 because my toxin intake was moderate but I was overweight. I refrained for 6 days before taking a pre-employment drug screen. On the day of the drug screen, I took a home detection test which proved positive. This is how I did it-- I kept hydrated a few days leading up to the test, on the day of the test, I drink about 16 oz. water before beginning the cleanse. I drank the entire bottle (tropical flavor) and a short time later, I went to the bathroom. Over the course of 2 hours, I went 3 times. I am happy to say that it worked for me and I would recommend this product!

  • diane preston - I get 2 stations ! Waste

    I get 2 stations with this antenna. A total waste. I am sending it back! They are stations I would not watch!

  • ~*REMI*~ - This product should have more reviews!

    I purchased this from GNC not from amazon by the way. I am not really into hair and nail supplements, I have a stigma that these "supplement" companies are ripoffs that sell refined products. There was a discount so I said what the hey, I'll give it a go, especially taking a look at its ingredient percentages. Within days my nails grew, no exaggeration. All of my nails have NEVER been the same size, and they were a bit stronger. I slacked off a bit and stopped taking them for a week. What do you know, my nails broke surely! I clipped them all off after a month of having them and becom ing attached :( It was 2 weeks nail-less when I came to realize I REALLY missed my claws! Not only that, but they weren't growing AT ALL?? It didn't dawn on me until later that something was the cause of all of the compliments I was recieving about how beautiful my natural nails were. LIGHT BULB! I had 11 more tablets left from the second pack (2 packs comes with box and theres 30 total) I just started taking them 2 days ago and voila! My nails are growing again! I am completely shocked that this product has not been reviewed! Especially given its inexpensive price! I only take 1 a day on an empty stomach, it's not that demanding, and since I don't eat in the mornings anyway I figured it was not only easier to remember to take the pill, but my body would have time to absorb it until I was ready to eat 30 minutes after. I even noticed my hair growing a bit faster, but I mostly noticed a difference in my nails. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this product again when I run out!!! Highly recommend!

  • marie - it was ok

    I have never had cellulite before until now. I weighed 102 pounds and gained 30 pounds from over the years and now I have very little on the back of my legs. I hate it and it makes me very uncomfortable with my legs. I would use this cream every morning and night after I showered. It would tingle and the smell of it was minty. I went threw the bottle in about a month and I think it might of helped a little, I'm not sure because i was going to the gym and dieting when using it, I still have cellulite but my legs do look a little better. I am not going to buy it again, jut because it is so expensive to not work how I want it to. Maybe if it was $3 I would