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  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/stomach-cancer-destroy-life/ Stomach Cancer and its Effects Could Destroy Your Life - Stomach cancer does not have to destroy your life, but you have to get checked for early detection or you may not survive like Evelyn did.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/colon-cancer-can-polyps-colon-removed-safely/ Colon Cancer: Can Polyps in the Colon be Removed Safely? - Colon Cancer: Can Polyps in the Colon be Removed Safely? - A polyp in the colon is seen as a tiny cluster of cells forming on the colon’s lining. Most of these tend to be harmless. However, over time, there are som
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/journey-liver-cancer-survivor/ The Journey of a Liver Cancer Survivor - The Journey of a Liver Cancer Survivor - It had taken Sharon almost two years and about fifteen physicians to learn that the cancer diagnosis was liver cancer. At the age of 25, Sharon was always
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/skin-care-and-cosmetic-tips-for-those-battling-cancer/ Skin Care and Cosmetic Tips for Those Battling Cancer - Women who are undergoing cancer treatment need to adjust their skin care and makeup application routines to accommodate their health.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/cancer-found-in-fossil-about-two-million-years-old/ Cancer Found in Fossil About Two Million Years Old - While cancer is thought to be a "modern" disease, a fossil shows that the disease has been around since the time of cavemen and dinosaurs.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/some-tattoo-ink-can-increase-risk-of-cancer/ Some Tattoo Ink Can Increase Risk of Cancer - Tattoo inks in particular hues can increase the risk of cancers, according to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), with some colors more volatile.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/alcohol-can-cause-seven-cancer-types/ Alcohol Can Cause Seven Cancer Types - Consuming alcohol is now officially linked to seven different types of cancer. Researchers offer statistics and tips on how to reduce alcohol consumption.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/how-cyclists-can-challenge-cancer/ How Cyclists Can Challenge Cancer - Cyclists and cycling events combine throughout the United States and worldwide to help raise awareness and funds for cancer causes.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/soft-drinks-and-sugary-drinks-may-contribute-to-gallbladder-and-bile-duct-cancers/ Soft Drinks and Sugary Drinks May Contribute to Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancers - A new study in Sweden has revealed that soft drinks and sugary beverages may be linked to development of gallbladder and bile duct cancers.
  • http://www.oncologistdaily.com/the-worse-side-effects-after-cancer-treatment/ The Worse Side Effects after Cancer Treatment - Cancer treatment is something that you may not be able to get around. The side effects may be many, but there are ways to reduce the symptoms and feelings.

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  • Clayton - good sound but maybe a dud

    The reviews on this product were largely positive and *not free*, which spurred my purchase. The packaging was good and it arrived in a timely manner. Upon receiving these, i tested them out for awhile.

  • Jennifer - Good product!

    Used off and on whenever I'd feel my supply drop. This would help bring it back up and some very quickly to help my fridge stash. I did have to do the 2 pills 3x per day, but it wasn't bad. Does have a slight syrupy burp, but nothing compared to the nasty mothers milk tea. I do recommend this product.

  • alex ivanov - Great product

    I purchased this product for my daughter and she loves it. It's a quality product and easy to use and maintain! I would definitely purchase it again.