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Employee Drug Testing,Workplace Drug Testing,DOT Supervisor Training,OSHA Respirator Exams - Employee Drug Testing, Workplace Drug Testing, Onsite Drug Testing, Since 1991. All U.S. cities, all 50 states. Call or email for our lowest quote!

  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services Services of OHS Health & Safety Services, Inc. - Providing multiple workplace safety services to companies Nationwide: Drug testing, DOT Supervisor Training, OSHA Respirator Exams and more since 1991!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/employee-drug-testing Employee Drug Testing, Workplace Drug Tests, DOT, non-DOT - Employee drug testing, Workplace drug tests, DOT, Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion (For Cause), Post Accident, Return-to-Duty, Follow-Up tests!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/WorkFit Reducing, Lowering Workers' Compensation Claims 69%! - Proven system dramatically reduces Workers' Compensation claims. Lowers frequency of on-the-job injuries by new-hires. Ensures SAFE job placements of each.
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/onsite-vs-clinic Onsite Drug Testing at Job Sites, Job Fairs Nationwide! - Onsite drug testing. Onsite drug test collections: your offices, job sites, Job Fairs. Test 10 to 1,010 employees/job candidates. All cities all 50 states!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/respirator-exam-certification OSHA Respirator Exam and Certification. Online 24/7. OSHA-Compliant. - OSHA Respirator Exam $25. Complete online or by 800# in 7-9 minutes! English, Spanish. Medical Certificate of Completion issued in 1-2 business hours!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/reasonable-suspicion-training DOT Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion, Workplace Drug Abuse Awareness - Our DOT Supervisor Training online empowers your supervisors to deal with employee reasonable suspicion issues confidently and effectively. From $36.
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/custom-drug-testing-policy Custom Drug Testing Policy; Drug-Free Workplace written drug test policy. - Custom drug testing policy; Drug-Free Workplace written drug test policy. A written Drug Testing Policy for companies with USDOT-regulated personnel is a federal requirement. A written Drug Testing Policy for companies without any USDOT-regulated personnel is strongly recommended - it helps to protect your company legally. Our policy is custom-written for your company for as little as $275!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/background-checks Background Check New Hires Online - Background checks protect your company, employees, customers and vendors. Background checks YOU can easily perform online are here! Fast, low-cost!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/services/collector-training Drug Testing Collector Training. DOT drug test collection certify - To conduct drug test collections of DOT-regulated workers, you must be trained per Federal guidelines. Our DOT collector training qualifies/certifies you!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/info/how-to-cheat-a-drug-test Beat a Drug Test, Cheat a Drug Test, Pass a Drug Test - How to Beat a Drug Test. Cheating drug tests is tough. Popular ways to cheat: Dilution, Substitution, Adulteration. Learn what does NOT work!
  • http://www.ohsinc.com/info/detection-time-frame Detection Time Frame of Drugs - Most drugs stay in the system a short time: a few hours, 1-2 days. Learn which ones can be detected by a drug test even "weeks" after last using!

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