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  • Holly - May cause intense pains during period

    I gave this 3 stars because the shipping is easy, my doctor recommended this, and it doesn't taste bad. I tried this for 3 months last year (before trying clomid by my doctor) then things got busy and I took a break from trying so hard.

  • Michelle - You will not be disappointed!!

    I bought this game for my spouse for Christmas, along with an Electric Guitar set. This game has by far exceeded our expectations as well as the expectations of all of our friends and family that have seen it. The game starts with the basic introductory courses - learning how to tune, learning how to strum and pick. Then you can move onto the songs. The database of songs available is impressive, the selection is great, and the packs they offer for additional bands as an additional purchase are of a reasonable price too. I like that you can buy and download a pack and it will always be saved in your game, so you will have it forever. You can't do that with sheet music, lol. After every song you will get your rating, suggestions, and mini-classes to take based on your weaknesses through that play. It completely tailors the learning experience based on what you miss and don't miss. Not to mention, taking those mini-classes will also unlock additional features (we haven't gotten that far yet). My spouse is really loving the playback option right now, where you can choose a specific number of bars, and repeat them over and over again to get the chords down. He has multiple songs under his belt now, and it's only been about two weeks. Well worth the investment!!

  • Junlei Li - Great for us, Greater Still as Presents!

    We have had our set for over 6 years. The same set, never broken. This year, it starts to get "sticky" and finally get a little hard to push through (the pumper), so I rubbed some vaseline on it, and viola! good as new. This is one of the neatest, most useful toys for people who don't drink a whole bottle each time! One very nice feature ... this topper gives a clicking sound when the air is fully sucked out. So you don't have to keep pumping and wonder if you've done your job!

  • Amazon Customer - Pop every day away!

    I bought this for my little girl, since she LOVES bubble wrap. I received a discount on this in exchange for my honest review. It arrived quickly, and in a big roll. It's essentially a linear calendar printed on cardstock with a bubble wrap overlay, and it works EXACTLY as advertised. She loved it!