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Nova Crítica-vinho - Crítica de Vinhos - Prova de Vinho - O site NovaCrítica-vinho é um espaço que dá continuidade a um longo trabalho de 5 anos dedicado à crítica de vinhos em Portugal. Dá-se a conhecer não apenas através de artigos, reportagens ou notas de prova, mas também através de um fórum de discussão. Vinho português e vinho estrangeiro. Base de Dados com informação de vinhos, provas, prova, notas de prova, castas, doc, ipr, garrafeira, loja, rota do vinho, cronica de prova, tinto, branco, produtor, adega, restaurante, tanino, vinho verde, vinho porto, porto, douro, dao, bairrada, beiras, alenquer, estramadura, ribatejo, setubal, moscatel, palmela, alentejo, borba, portalegre, evora, reguengos, monsaraz, touriga nacional, touriga, tourigo, touriga franca, baga, tinto cao, tinta roriz, trincadeira, alfrocheiro, chardonnay, cabernet, syrah, shiraz, allier, limousin, carvalho, reserva, vinho, malolactica, fermentacao, garrafeira, nacional, provado, guia, curso

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City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Bob Crowell - This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results

    I was really hoping this would remove or at least improve the stains on my 15 year old roof. I applied as directed (pressure washer with extension and proper nozzle for solution application) and waited...and waited...and waited. It has been about 4 months and there really isn't any difference. The stains are the same as before the application.The directions do say it could take up to six months to work but I'm not confident that the additional time is going to change anything. I have enough product left for another application but with all the effort that's involved to apply the solution (I have high, steeply pitched rooflines to access) I don't know if it's worth the trouble. This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results. Also I have 3 gallons left that I may not use and can't return. The 30 day return policy on a product like this doesn't give you enough time to determine whether it's worked or not. Maybe this is just an isolated case but I had expected a better result.

  • M. Samuel - like my bank

    I decided to give this app a try after I realized how hard it is to block someone from sending texts. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! After a week I uninstalled it from my phone because it is my belief that this app actually solicits calls from commercial businesses. About a week after I downloaded this app onto my Android, suddenly "Mr. Number" started to block five or more unwanted calls a day. I NEVER had this many commercial businesses calling my phone before this. NEVER. I only wanted the app because a young girl who's friends with my daughter has boundary issues. I never had a huge problem getting tons of unsolicited calls because I almost never give out my number to anyone who isn't a friend/family member and people that I do direct business with, like my bank, mechanic, insurance company, etc. etc. Now suddenly I'm getting over five calls a day receiving mortgage refinance offers and carpet cleaning services and on and on and on? Yeah right. It's the Mr. Number app. They are totally giving out my info. I repeat: DO NOT BE FOOLED AND DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

  • Jared D. - Item is as described. All OEM plug and play ...

    Item is as described. All OEM plug and play parts. Only thing missing is the push pin to mount the actual light.


    Please note that I HATE my new Keurig 2.0 Brewing System. The reason behind the animosity is because the device DOES NOT WORK. I received it, opened it up with much glee and anticipation, and set everything up per the instructions. Nothing. Then I called Keurig Customer Service and spent an hour on the phone with them, only to have the product deemed as 'defective'. Wow. Brand new and right out of the box batting .000.

  • Donald L. Kendzierski - Very nice cover, and covers hatchback area nicely

    Very nice cover, and covers hatchback area nicely. Fits well into brackets so it stays attached to the hatchback and extends outward and upward when hatch is opened. Have had it for about one month so I can't comment yet on long-term durability.