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Newton Clinic - Newton Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic serving the citizens of Newton, Iowa and the greater Jasper County area.

Country:, North America, US

City: -93.4652 Iowa, United States

  • Dylan - Great stuff, not so great scoop.

    This is a great product, and it comes at a fair price. My problem with it is that the scoop almost never gets a full serving in it. By this I mean that I can pack the scoop then weigh the powder that I was able to get into it and not reach the 31.5 gram serving size. It is usually at least 5 grams short. This can easily be fixed with a scale, but it is an oversight that hurts those people who don't own one.

  • Evie R. - but she doesn't love it. As a parent there are some negatives

    Overall, my daughter likes her Mamaroo Plush, but she doesn't love it. As a parent there are some negatives. You have to buy the infant insert. Honestly a product this expensive and designed for infants should have the insert included. Also, the main portion of the straps are NOT detachable from the base. This is awful for an infant product. Who would design an infant product that can't be easily washed completely? We've had several diaper blowouts and even a really bad spit up all over the buckles and you have to "spot clean" them. It is totally gross!! Hopefully the newer model fixes this issue.

  • Anonymous - Problems with Meaningful Beauty

    After the first week of using this product it left my skin dry and red. As others have said, GRC will keep charging your card long after you try to cancel. I have called Meaningful Beauty customer service several times to cancel my order, but they keep charging my card and the product never arrives. I finally had to cancel my debit card and dispute all charges.

  • Sonnenblume - Not enough cupholders

    This tool is great, we are an active family and are out and about somewhere every weekend. With this knife we never have to worry about not having the right tool at hand when need presents itself. I almost gave it 5 stars. However, we are a family of 5, and the knife has only 4 cup holders. The constant fighting over the cup holders is pretty unnerving. Hence only 4 stars.

  • Trenton C Brownlee - It's good.

    I really like this scrub; however, it can be a little rough on your skin if used as a facial scrub--I don't recommend it for highly sensitive skin. But it does open pores and makes your face very smooth if you're skin if tough enough for it. You can also use for your legs to exfoliate before shaving and for your hands to rid the dead skin cells, which helps lotion absorb easily.

  • Amazon Customer - Non smelling, non tasting, not grainy. I'm ...

    Non smelling, non tasting, not grainy. I'm in my early 20s and wanted to give my eggs a little oomph to them post birth control. We are not trying but not preventing. As I want my stepson to have another sibling. This drink mix is very blendable. I mix it with orange juice and water, doesn't have no after taste. I bought two packs just in case I ran out.

  • Bob C. - Terrific coffe table book

    Guinness is full of surprises from cover to cover. Some of the strangest world records you'll find anywhere. This isn't a book to read but one to open at any page for an amusing and amazing feat of human endeavor.