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Neris UK - kayaks, canoes and catarafts that pack into backpacks - NERIS kayaks - Go canoeing in a folding kayak! Appearing in the UK for the first time after many years in several counries in Europe. Made in the EU with EU and USA matertials.

  • http://www.neris.co.uk/news.html Neris Folding Kayaks UK - Devizes to Westminster canoe race - News articles - Devizes to Westminster DW canoe race, SportCat-4 tryout at NPP
  • http://www.neris.co.uk/catarafts.html NERIS Water Sports - ZelGear R2 and R4/R6 Catarafts - NERIS ZelGear R2 and R4 river touring and whitewater frameless catarafts / catamaran rafts for sale

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  • Sole Man - Arrived broken, works well after warranty repair

    The unit arrived fast, but did not work after assembly. The data cables had crush marks on them out of the box (yeah for chinese manufacturing!). I called Sole and a 2-3 week process began to get parts and a technician out to fix the brand new unit. To their credit, Sole did fix the problem, but I am dismayed that a $1000 treadmill can show up broken. Sole is a US company, but most of the unit is made in China. Someone at Sole needs to get their manufacturing partners in line.

  • J. Oliver - Another Strike Out

    I picked up this product at a store that I work at and was pretty excited to try something that might actually work. See, I have razor and ingrown hairs all over my legs and being a girl.... well lets just say it not nice to the touch. I've just used up my first bottle. I still have dark spots, none of that improved (perhaps it would work better on the face?). It helped my ingrown hairs some, however I still had a significant amount. I've so far tried everything from AHA to glycolic on my legs after I've shaved and so far no luck. I've just ordered tend skin... so I have my fingers crossed.

  • dayna rattan - Did not help me!

    This product did not help me one bit, very disappointed hoping it would! Will not buy any more. Nothing help me!

  • DocJ2005 - A must, along with BRS Pathology and QBank

    I wouldn't recommend reading this book 6 times cover to cover as the guy below me did, but it's definitely a must for Step I. Good images, great high yield info, wonderful index, great buzz-word association section, and helpful reviews of other medical texts at the end. You're making a big mistake if you don't pick this one up... if you have the time (and the lack of social life) to read this book cover to cover 6 times, more power to you... if you get through it once, more power to you. A must!

  • Christina - Awesome Camera

    I bought this camera a few days ago. After getting the batteries charged I played around with it at work taking photos and a little video. Also took some at home. Came into work this morning and in my office used the projector. Now the room was fairly dark but not totally dark and the projected picture/video was phenomenal. I and my coworkers were simply blown away. We then went into our briefing room where we have a giant pull down screen. This baby is definitely worth it. You will be very happy with this camera.

  • rmiller - My kids love it!

    I bought this for my daughters and they love it! Great present for kids under 12. And it gets them up and moving.