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Genital Warts – Truth about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - Want the Truth about Genital Warts? You Don’t Have to Live With Them! — Read our Free Treatment Reviews, Advice, and HPV Articles

  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/treatments/ Genital Warts Treatments – List of the Best HPV Treatments - Howdy, partner! My name is David and you’ve come to the right place for genital warts treatment reviews! As a community, members have contributed to our growing bank of resources which are happy to share. If you have tried a
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/pictures/ Genital Warts Pictures – What do genital warts look like? - Warning: This page contains explicit genital warts pictures that show both male and female genital body parts infected with the HPV virus. These pictures are graphic in nature and viewer discretion is advised. See what genital warts looks like with
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/causes-and-symptoms-of-genital-warts/ Causes and Symptoms of Genital Warts – The 3 Most Common Causes - Causes of Genital Warts Ever wondered how people contract genital warts? What actually causes the transfer of the disease? Some of the causes might not be as obvious as they seem… Here’s a list of the three most common ways:
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/facts-about-sexually-transmitted-diseases/ 5 Shocking Facts About STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (n.) are defined as “infections that we acquire from another individual through sexual contact.” Grade school sex ed classes usually brush the basics about STDs and some interesting statistics are taught but they are taught at such
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/types-of-genital-hpv-infections/ Types of Genital HPV Infections - Genital Warts - Many people believe that genital HPV infections only come in a single variation of “bad.” But this isn’t true — It’s actually a common misconception amongst many sexually active young people that genital warts is a “one size fits all”
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/../frequently-asked-questions-about-genital-warts/ FAQ about Genital Warts – Common Questions about Genital Warts - Welcome, friend! We have created this page to answer ten of the most frequently asked questions about genital warts and the HPV virus. Anyway, let’s get started. Below are the top ten most commonly asked questions we have received from
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/why-does-wartrol-have-to-be-sprayed-under-the-tongue/ Why is Wartrol Sprayed Under Tongue? | Genital Warts Treatments - I got a question the other day about a genital warts treatment called Wartrol. The person asked me: Why does Wartrol have to be sprayed under my tongue? I guess this instruction seemed a bit odd and unusual since he
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/your-opinion-is-needed/ Your Opinion is Needed! - Genital Warts - Hello readers, MyGW is going through its second renovation in just under a year. We did not expect to see as much traffic as we received last year so we did not plan for the worst. We have recently upgraded
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/genital-warts-vs-genital-herpes/ Genital Warts (HPV) vs. Genital Herpes (HSV) – What’s the Difference? - Genital warts and genital herpes are both sexually transmitted diseases that are very common in the United States (well, pretty much everywhere for that matter) but they are actually two completely different viruses that spread through sexual interaction. So what’s
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/are-genital-warts-contagious/ Are Genital Warts Contagious? - Genital Warts - I got a question the other day that quite frankly shocked me a bit… Someone asked me if genital warts were contagious. This was a young adult female speaking to me and I couldn’t believe she didn’t know the answer!
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/genital-warts-treatments/ Finding a Genital Warts Treatment - Finding a proper treatment for genital warts is a tough process for most people. Some estimates say that nearly 50% of all American adults will encounter the virus at some point in their lives. Once a person has contracted genital
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/3-facts-about-genital-warts-you-probably-didnt-know/ 3 Facts About Genital Warts You Probably Didn't Know - Genital Warts - Many people think they know the truth about genital warts and how it works but in reality, not many people do. Here are three facts about genital warts that you might not have known before… Genital warts can be passed
  • https://www.mygenitalwarts.com/we-have-a-new-layout/ We Have A New Layout! - Genital Warts - Hello everyone, Hope you have been enjoying this year so far. As you might have noticed, MyGW has acquired a new layout and I think we can all agree that it looks better than the last one – It is

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