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Vancouver and Kelowna Personal Injury Lawyers | Mussio Goodman - Our Vancouver and Kelowna personal injury lawyers specialize in ICBC claims and are dedicated to maximizing your settlement.

  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/firm/ Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers - Mussio Goodman - If you’re looking for top personal injury lawyers in Vancouver or within BC, call us. Plaintiff only injury claims, ICBC claims and slip & fall claims.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/compensation/ Pain and Suffering - Mussio Goodman - The purpose of this award is to compensate the injured person for pain and suffering as a result of his or her injuries.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/ ICBC Advice Claim Guide - Mussio Goodman - Mussio Goodman - Over the years, our ICBC advice book 'What ICBC Does Not Want You to Know' has helped many better understand the ICBC claim process.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/contact/ Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers | Free Injury Claim Consultation - Claims our Vancouver personal injury lawyers deal with: pain & suffering, wage loss, future medical care, out of pocket expenses, slips & falls.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/free-claim-estimate/ Free ICBC Injury Claim Estimate - Mussio Goodman - Call us for a FREE consultation if you were in an accident. We’ll give you advice for your ICBC injury claim so you can get the compensation you deserve.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/firm/difference/ Our Difference - Mussio Goodman - Our team has over a decade of knowledge acting for ICBC which we apply to help get the best results from your ICBC claim. Call for a FREE consultation.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/mussio-goodman-obtains-another-successful-result-court/ Mussio Goodman Obtains Another Successful Result in Court - Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers | Mussio Goodman - The case involved a BC wills variation claim by the Plaintiff, who was the second wife of a Vancouver dentist and businessman.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/firm/successful-cases/ Successful Cases - Mussio Goodman - We settle more than 98% of claims before trial, and ultimately the decision to go to court is always up to client.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/firm/recent-news/ Advice from Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers - Mussio Goodman - Recent articles and news from our team of Vancouver personal injury lawyers. We specialize in ICBC claims and are dedicated to maximizing your settlement.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/getting-started/ Getting Started - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - In this section you will find some general information about ICBC and how the corporation works.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/vehicle-issues/ Vehicle Issues - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - When your vehicle is involved in an accident and suffers damages, dealing with ICBC for the repairs is often a difficult process.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/types-claims/ Types Of Claims - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - In this section you will find information on a variety of different types of motor vehicle and personal injury claims.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/part-vii-benefits/ Part VII Benefits - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - ICBC has set up a series of policies and procedures that limit the pay-out to claimants under the Part VII scheme.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/heads-damages/ Heads of Damages - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - The various heads of damages are available in more severe injury claims. In minor claims, you are generally only looking at non-pecuniary damages.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/dealing-lawyer/ Dealing with your Lawyer - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - This section will help understand when to hire a lawyer, what to look for in a lawyer, and how to deal with a lawyer.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/dealing-doctors-therapists/ Dealing with Doctors and Therapists - ICBC Advice Guide - This section provides valuable information about how the interaction with your doctor and therapists affects your ICBC claim.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/general-legal-issues/ General Legal Issues - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - A variety of legal issues that are common to injury claims & helpful information about settling your ICBC claim.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/icbc-defense-tactics/ ICBC Defense Tactics - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - ICBC uses some defense tactics that invade your privacy such as video surveillance, reviewing your social media and even accessing your personal computer.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/icbc-claim-guide/icbc-insurance-breaches/ ICBC Insurance Breaches - ICBC Advice Guide - Mussio Goodman - Over the last decade ICBC has greatly increased the frequency of breaching motorists of British Columbia of their contract of insurance.
  • http://www.mussiogoodman.com/practice-areas/bicycle-accidents/ Bicycle Accidents - Mussio Goodman - ICBC will get involved in a motor accident that includes a cyclist, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

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