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  • Shala - Seriously I would like to give my personal taste view but i can't

    Seriously I would like to give my personal taste view but i can't. Cute snack size for little grand crumb snatchers and not to mention the big ones. The fact that they disappear in days - well you figure. No food in trash just empty package.

  • Honest Tom - Five Stars - just saved the tablet tonight!

    Easy to apply and feels great. Bubbles don't really appear. You really can't tell you have a protector on.

  • Gary B. - First the good: This product is strong and sturdy

    First the good: This product is strong and sturdy, and keeps things cold overnight. Good handles, the hatch is a nice feature. The bad: It leaks terribly. The worse: It started leaking just after the 30 day return window. No abuse or punctures, it leaks around the inner seams. So if you're okay with paying $50 to have ice water running down your leg as you carry it, buy it. I had a soft Coleman for years that never leaked. Back to them next time. Meanwhile I'll see if I can seal this one.

  • Jehalv - If it seems too good to be true...

    I have 2 dogs and lots of hard surface flooring through the house. Wanting to slim down the floor care routine to one-step, I thought this product (along with several of it's favorable reviews) seemed too good to be true. In practical application, this product takes the two tasks of vacuuming and mopping and does each poorly leaving me with a 3-step process. Yes, that's an extra step! First, the vacuum feature is terrible. It does not have a very powerful suction and does NOT get all or even most of the dog hair/dust/dander. Second, because the vacuum head is in front of the steam pad, when using the steam feature, there is a 2-3" "bumper" that prevents one from steaming all the way to the baseboards or under the cabinets, etc, etc. (The third step is then going back to these places with a sponge or another mop to clean.)

  • Amazon Customer - Battery eater!

    I have never had a phone which in standby mode consumes so much power. This phone needs to be charged every day with constant or limited use. I will not buy another BLU phone after this. A Samsung or Nokia will suit my needs just fine.

  • Commentator - A Stage in Progression

    This is a good song and Heart performed this song well. Unfortunately, the Wilson Sisters did not write this song. Some of their original compositions are among the greatest songs in Rock and Roll Music!

  • Kathy A. - A dark and forbidden romance!

    Max meets Lola Grace in a bar, she's wearing a red dress, and a pink wig. It's supposed to make her look older, since it's her birthday, her 18th birthday.