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  • J. Green - LOVE, LOVE

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Jeep! I got it a few months ago and the only question I still have is why I didn't do it sooner?! It's fun to drive, looks amazing, and the best part is that you really feel like you're driving when your in it. Alot of cars now have so much technology and so many different computerized driving systems that it feels like the car is moving you instead of you driving the car. Not in the Jeep! I highly recommend it!!!

  • brycen - Evil Witch Box

    Upon receiving this as a gift from my ex when he left me, I bought one of these so called "microwaves". This is a warning to all that these are using witchcraft. The food is cooked by magical waves of who knows what, and to top it all off, it sometimes cooks the bowl or plates and leaves the food cold. Also, be warned that these boxes run off of "electricity", ANOTHER FORM OF WITCHCRAFT. I urge you to burn these witches on a stake, like I did.