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Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney | McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton | Louisiana - We are a local law firm representing the people of Louisiana. Call us at 225-250-1751 to discuss your defective device or drug case.

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  • Patricia - Day-to-day calendar with New Yorker cartoons

    New Yorker cartoons have a flavor of their own and once they hook you they turn out to be addictive! The subjects are universal and are guaranteed to get you smiling.

  • hammieo - No tears yet!

    Great kids shampoo and soap. I've been using it sing my first son was newborn (he's now 7). Mild on their skin (as most infants have sensitive skin), haven't had any tears from soap in their eyes - always makes bathing a little easier when they're not screaming. While most tear-free soap lacks sodium lauryl sulfate, which is the main chemical agent for removing oil from hair, most kids don't do enough to produce enough oil to make this a problem. The days they're outside in ++100F weather, sweating their faces off - covered in sunscreen - I just wash them a second time. A little goes a long way, so I'm not overly concerned about "using too much".