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  • Jeff S. - No more spiders. It just works!

    It's rare that a product works so well that I chose to use my time to write a review. This is obviously one of those products. Everywhere I've sprayed - indoors and out (covered areas only) - I've seen NO spiders or webs since I used it 3 weeks ago. The stuff just works! Of course, time will tell how LONG it works, but as of now this product has exceeded my expectations, and I'm ordering more.

  • Variety IS the Spice of Life - More Than the Sum of Its Parts - Ganoderma... Gourmet Convenience, unmatched by the best coffees in the world.

    I only drink Organic coffee, which is not exactly easy to find. This coffee, which I have been drinking for about three years now, is rich and bold yet smooth, with a finish as good as the finest gourmet meal. The coffee contains gandomera mushroom extract - which sounds disgusting but which adds such depth of flavor and dimension to the already delicious coffee one absolutely MUST drink it before you can know. There is no way to describe it's uniqueness. If you are a true dark coffee lover you're really cheating yourself if you will not treat yourself to at least try it.