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Meningitis Now - offering life saving information - The UK's largest Meningitis charity, offering support, funding research and raising awareness. Knowing the signs and symptoms of meningitis saves lives - check them now

  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/meningitis-explained/ Meningitis explained | Meningitis Now - Can I catch meningitis? Yes, although there are 'at risk' groups, meningitis can affect anyone of any age and at any time. Meningitis and septicaemia are brutal diseases, they can kill within hours and leave those who survive with life-changing after-effects. Read all about meningitis here
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/meningitis-explained/signs-and-symptoms/ Meningitis signs and symptoms | Meningitis Now - Knowing the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia, remaining vigilant and getting medical help quickly can save lives
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/meningitis-explained/what-meningitis/ What is meningitis? | Meningitis Now - Meningitis can affect anyone. It is the inflammation of the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord and can be caused by different organisms
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/meningitis-explained/after-meningitis/ After meningitis | Meningitis Now - Meningitis is a disease that can strike quickly, killing some people within hours. Whatever the outcome, the impact of the disease can be life-changing
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/how-we-help/ Our meningitis support services | Meningitis Now - The impact of meningitis is devastating - leaving people bereaved or facing a future with lifelong disability. Even if the outcome of meningitis is a positive one, the trauma of going through the disease or watching a loved one fight for their life can remain
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/how-we-help/research/ Our meningitis research programme | Meningitis Now - Since our founder, Steve Dayman, lost his son Spencer to meningitis and septicaemia and started the meningitis movement in the early 1980s, we have funded more than £12million of vital research
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/how-we-help/campaigns/ Meningitis Now campaigns | Meningitis Now - We are the voice of everyone affected by meningitis, now and in the future. United in the fight against meningitis, the people we exist for drive our campaigns with their needs, wants and hopes.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/how-we-help/resources/ Order or download meningitis information - Whether you are looking for more information for you and your family, or you would like to help us raise awareness in your community we have lots of information to help
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/how-we-help/ways-we-can-help-you/ Ways Meningitis Now can help you | Meningitis Now - Facing life after meningitis can be terrifying. You don’t need to face it alone. Whatever your experience, we are here for you.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/ Help us to continue lifesaving work | Meningitis Now - Without your help we wouldn’t be able to help people cope after meningitis; we couldn’t support them as they face a life that will never be the same again
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/donate/ Make a donation | Meningitis Now - Help save and change lives, now and in the future. With no central Government funding, we are reliant on people like you helping us to raise the £4 million we need to support people facing meningitis every year.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/volunteer-us/ Volunteer for Meningitis Now | Meningitis Now - Volunteer for us and help save lives and rebuild futures torn apart by meningitis. We couldn’t do our work without you, reaching everyone who needs us and spreading the word about meningitis.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/news-centre/ Meningitis Now news centre | Meningitis Now - We hit national, regional and local newspaper, radio and TV headlines, as well as raise meningitis awareness and promote the charity’s lifesaving work and campaigns through our supporters’ magazine and e-news. Share your stories and get the latest here.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/who-we-are/ Meningitis Now: Who we are | Meningitis Now - We were the first meningitis patient group in the world, founders of the meningitis movement and the only charity dedicated to fighting meningitis in the UK. We brought together the unique expertise and experience of Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK through a merger in 2013, creating a bigger, louder voice than ever before in the fight against meningitis in the UK.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/featured-events/ Featured fundraising events | Meningitis Now - a listing of Meningitis Now's key fundraising events and a link to the the complete list
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/corporate-fundraising/ Corporate Fundraising | Meningitis Now - At Meningitis Now our goal is to save lives and rebuild futures by funding research, raising awareness and providing support. Find out more on our website.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/donate/give-donation-now/ Please donate whatever you can to help us | Meningitis Now - Save lives through research into life-saving vaccines and spreading disease awareness, change lives after meningitis with our specialist support, helping people to rebuild their futures
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/news-centre/news-magazine/ Meningitis Now news magazine I Meningitis Now - Want to see what we’ve been up to? The Meningitis Now news magazine has it all
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/news-centre/e-news-sign-up/ Sign up for Meningitis Now E-news | Meningitis Now - Sign up to the Meningitis Now monthly newsletter, e-News, and keep up-to-date with everything that's happening at Meningitis Now
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/news-centre/meningitis-stories/ My meningitis story | Meningitis Now - Read stories written first hand by those affected both directly and indirectly by meningitis
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/news-centre/share-your-story/ Share your meningitis story | Meningitis Now - Please fill in this form if you want to share your story with us, we may use your story on website, your local press and our social media channels to raise awareness.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/who-we-are/join-team/ Join the team I Meningitis Now - Do you share our passion, commitment and vision? Do you think you could make a difference to our work, and most importantly, to the people we exist for? If so apply to join our team.
  • https://www.meningitisnow.org/support-us/who-we-are/our-vision-and-mission/ Our vision and mission | Meningitis Now - Our vision is a future where no-one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.

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